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beware of FAKE Dedicated to the lousiest swat team ive ever seen... Prayers to those tourists that lost their lives. ung mga magpapabili nung promo jerseys paki PM ako or si biggie

confirmed order:
pong - m
joyce - m c/o pong
jayson - xxl (own package... umorder cia ng sariling bunker hehe)
jaz - xxl 
jeff - m c/o jaz
mikel - m c/o pong
kerwin -  m c/o jaz
raf - xxl c/o pong ** desert
robin -
stephen - 
renren -

total = 7 + 1(biggie) 

others comment na lang ng size to confirm... tnx!
paintball jersey size chart LA 73 Banahaw knee-deep water inside the house, all the bikes still half-submerged. had to take an emergency leave.

the inconvenient truth.
it's freezing in LA says my little sister... so i got her a Dye hoodie... nothing beats the spirit of gift giving this Christmas season 😉 

(how i wish i could wear those jacket here in asia...) 116 + 1 (included myself) made me win this Rotor from DYE Paintball's Friday Free Giveaway contest... my heartfelt thanks to everyone that made it possible! Here's the package i received from Dave Youngblood himself after winning last week... anong sinabi ng flowers ko sa mga roses ng mga chikas nyo?!? :)) Happy puso sa lahat! <3  <3  <3
guess where :P (photo by nico) ESPN3 for Asians? watching NPPL live via ESPN3... yes im in Phnom Penh, Cambodia...
Matty Marshall & Rich Telford with Mervyn Leong lol   
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