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nestle shot biggie on break-ouk... kerwin captured the ball 'break'
WCA 2010 News: SECURITY has been OUTSOURCED and will be VERY TIGHT during the World Cup Asia 2010. Our first time ever! PLEASE make sure you have all your ID tags..vendors and players alike. NO DISTRIBUTION OF UNAUTHORIZED PAMPHLETS OR FLYERS - IT WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. UNWANTED GUESTS will be DENIED ENTRY. EJECTION awaits those who decide they know better :-) Other than that...Cheers! ;) EMPIRE ULTRA EVIL - One of the BEST paintballs that will be available during the Paintball World Cup Asia (WCA) 2010!! Do contact us on how to get special rebates for paintballs during WCA 2010...Brought to you by NAPSHOT PAINTBALL - The Paintball People. Contact: Kevin Wong, Simon Mason Lim

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