Photos of Me

aus oh pasaway c pong! nyahahaha one world, one love, one headshot!
Adrea David - Winner of Coloring Competition for age 7-8 years old seriously working
ano kayang meron dun? little hooligans aiken: sinong binabaril mo mia?
mia: ayun oh! di mo ba nakikita?
josh: kuya johannes susugod na tayo, ano bang ginagawa mo?
oboy: ampogi ni gerald!
obin: oo nga e! pero...
pong: mas pogi ako sa kanya! wag ng papalag! hahaha
AHEHEHEHE... PASMADO BUNGANGERZ! LOL!  xD This image is intended for tagging those, esp. Khmer, who own a DSLR (Canon, Nikon, Sony, Pentax, Olympus, Sigma, or else). Please kindly help tag others owners that I missed. You may call this a (virtual) group photo of all of us.
Thanks for your tagging, kindness and coming together.

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