Manny Pacquiao ambush

May 06

Manny Pacquiao Ambush ?

… is all just but a LIE, HOAX, SPAM & we dont give a damn.

It really pisses me off when stuff like this spread around the internet and mobile networks. Craps/thrash polluting the airwaves. Much like the ‘Knockout/Talo na si Pacquiao’ message during his last fight with Solis. Where in fact during that time, the fight hasnt started yet.

F*ck those attention whores. Follow the story here.

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If May 1 is Labor Day…

May 01

then why are the offices (MOSTLY Government Offices) are in


I really find it ironic why they call May 1

Labor Day

where in literally and wikingly speaking, labor/labour means ‘Work of any kind’.

i hope to get a clear idea when i wake up…

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On Getting Back to senses while feeling fatigue and defending from Black Propaganda >:(

Apr 03

And so to start, I’ll begin defending my side as Phil. Blog Award winner Shari is accusing me of being a black propaganda whoever.

>:( IM NOT!

But Ok, I may have a fault on the way I over-react or sarcastically comment/praise on issues and stuff (just like when i straight-forward comment not to sit with shari and jester because they talk politics a lot lol) but as what I-Hope-To-Be “E-Lawyer” Piere quoted: “How Poell writes amazes me as he does know how to sink/hide his thoughts in-between-his-lines” (not jester’s actual words), that is not what i really mean. I swear! (no fingers crossed!) Believe it or not Jester & Shari, I just had a discussion with my mom and that as to who i think they should vote for! (remember what u guys shared to us non-voters : “That we can take part on this Phil. Halalan 2007 by at least telling those people (voters) whom we think deserve voting for” And to add up more, I even asked them to elaborate what those party list is. πŸ˜‰ see! i learned a lot spending those beers and topics with you πŸ˜‰

And so to conclude, i really mean saying that if ever you fellow blogger got the chance to attend meet ups like the recently concluded awards night slash post party slash extended post party, take time to exchange thoughts / debate with these guys! (i need not to cite who these guys are!) trust me, they really know their stuff. And damn they really do. L.A. & I wouldn’t last a 10 hour or so with our convo with beers on the side. Shari dear i hope i made myself clear o_O And Piere i don’t want you absent >:(

And now with the “going back to senses” thingy, id be honest with you guys that Im having mix emotions since yesterday, mid day yesterday, around 5PM to be a bit specific. Why ? I got a snail mail from alexa. And it’s not just fancy letter. It means a lot to me as it gave me huge chunk of hope that alexa would get back to me. No, we didn’t dumped each other. But literally we got separated. She joined the US Navy and went training in Great Lakes, Chicago. That’s 2 months ZERO communication. You get it ? “nakakaparanoid” parin even though you have each other’s word. That’s why i started to feel relieved. Salamat sa sulat, naliwanagan ako. Things get a bit better for me. Also written in her letter states that she herself feels paranoid that i might fall out. (Alexa/yeki/yeyek/leklek I WONT! With about 50+ Fil. Bloggers reading this, im telling this out loud, I WONT!

And lastly on feeling fatigue — WHO WOULDN’T! Actually it adds up to that mix emotions im talking about. I feel…

  • stressed
  • excited
  • in love <3
  • tired
  • flattered
  • doubtful
  • guilty
  • cramming
  • sleepy
  • and more. you dont wanna know…

It’s my brother’s birthday tomorrow, and i promised to get him another TeamManila shirt for a present. (of which i failed to buy last Saturday.) Not until this morning that we decided to hit Rockwell ourselves and for him to handpick what shirt he wants.

im out of words so PICS… do your job! (what an excuse hehe)

My Nestle Building
10:45AM : Just look at this Chocolatey Building with my Chocolatey Name in it.

Between 11 to 12:30 : Camwhoring at the powerplant

and at 1:20PM, We indulge ourselves with a platter of Mediterranean Kebabs, The Mediterranean Cafe, Mall of Asia

… Then went to National Bookstore to buy Alexa a greeting card.

then decided to take the road (the mall pavement road lol) Rode the malls’ shuttle for an after lunch rest and site seeing as well. Ive been like to this mall 30 times or more but it was just this afternoon that i got to ride that 15km/h ride hehe…

… Then decided to hit Watson to shop for my “Destination:Cebu” trip this April 5 to 9. (now you know why i am excited & cramming πŸ˜‰ Would probably blog about this tomorrow or so.

Till then, i have to go and you dont wanna see my eye strain x_X Cheers and Goodnight Everyone!

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A Microsoft Video : Career in Computer Science

Mar 16

Those kickass people at Microsoft Research Lab has produced this futuristic video exploring the possibilities of a career in Computer Science.

Video: Career in Computer Science – MS Research

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Random Pinoy Big Brother 2 Moments

Mar 11


im currently watching day 14 pbb2 telecast and i cant help it but laugh πŸ˜€ yeah, those dumb questions kuya gave them that they have to answer seriously – WITHOUT laughing.

here’s a couple of q’s πŸ˜€ i dare you to share youre thoughts please πŸ˜›

1) bakit ang araw sa english SUN, pero ang gabi nde MOON ?
2) bakit dalawa ang butas ng ilong ng tao – para pag clog yung isa, may spare pa – nel
3) bakit may mga bilog ang bola ng basketball?
4) ano ang nauna orange na fruit or orange na color?
5) kung invisible nga si invisible man, pano natin cia nalalaman kung siya ay nag e-exist ?
6) bakit may kilay ang mga tao ?
7) bakit hinde mo kaya kilitiin ang iyong sarili?
8) baket ang price at worth mag kasing kahulugan? but ang worthless at priceless magkasalungat?
9) bakit ang manibela ng kotse, nasa isang side?
10) Baket may nipples ang mgaΒ lalake – kasi po mammals po tayo
11) baket ang building tawag sa building nde built.

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Suicide Quiz

Mar 07

My bestfriend ruma shared me this 10-item “suicide” test. She got the questions 2 weeks ago from a seminar she attended πŸ˜›

1. are you a happy person?

2. do you have a zest for life?

3. do you have a point of view

4. do you have a sense of humor?

5. do you have a significant other (other than parents)?

6. are you the financial one?

7. do you believe in humans?

8. are you independent?

9. are you sociable?

10. are you in crisis?

If you get 6 and up — you face reality
If you get 3 and below — you are doomed and you have to see a psychiatrist NOW!

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