NPPL on ESPN3 via ibVPN

Apr 05

You might have been 1 of those paintball fan/player that supported espn3’s facebook campaign and ended up getting frustrated ‘coz after liking them on fb — all you get is a white page, refreshing crazy by itself when you log on to

Eclipse HQ even posted a somewhat call-to-attention campaign here. (Which would look like hundreds of thousand paintball supporters are spamming ESPN.)

This is what you get from ESPN after doing the call-to-attention thingy:


Thanks for contacting ESPN.
This NPPL event is not currently scheduled to air on the ESPN networks in your area.

We’ll be sure to let our programming executives know that our viewers would like to see more paintball programming on our air.


ESPN Viewer Response

————— Original Message —————
I REALLY want to watch NPPL Surf City Open Paintball on ESPN3 this weekend but I’m in Cambodia and can’t. Please Help.

In a nutshell — here’s whats needed to watch ESPN3

1] We need to make your incoming traffic appear to originate from United States.
2] Not only originate in United States — but coming from an ESPN affiliated TV/Internet network provider:

My solution to point No. 1 – VPN (Virtual Private Network)

Since the reign of VPN, i personally resisted on using the over-rated Proxy Servers. It’s not just stable. Slow. And yes, hard to get a good one. With ibVPN, it’s a breeze. Easy to setup, stable & crazy fast. Although it comes with a price, it’s money well spent. You’re not just paying for your anonymity & security, you are also able to bypass blocked websites! Not only that i was able to access NPPL on ESPN3, you might want to check these streaming sites too! -> Hulu, Pandora, ABC, NBC, BBC iPlayer, ITV

My solution to point No. 2 – AT&T

I mentioned earlier in this post that other than making your traffic look like from US, you also need to make it look like from ESPN affiliated network. Coincidentally, they have at&t from the drop down list selection and the sole provider who offer FREE email! (which means free at&t username)


You must have a U.S. based IP address to register for an email account.

again, ibVPN to the rescue! I was one of the lucky few to get a FREE email on April 1.  On April 2, youll get this:

Page Temporarily Unavailable.

We’re sorry, but this service is temporarily not available. We plan to resume offering free email accounts in June 2011. For more information, please click here.

You can watch all the replays and stuff btw, too bad you’d have to wait for June to get a free login 😉

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dye precision – beyond paintball.

Jan 15

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Trying my luck to win the sexiest paintball hopper in existence: The Rotor™ Loader!

Heartfelt thanks to everyone who took time to vote especially to my sister Nica for letting her friends support my slogan entry i posted above. The contest runs until Monday 8:00 am PST. If you haven’t like it yet… please do!

DYE Precision Facebook Page:
then my entry here:

The ROTOR™ Loader far exceeds pro level feed requirements with an impressive 50+ balls per second feed rate. The constant feed rotor carousel combined with the opposing rotation of the center rotor arm provides smooth, consistent, rapid, and dependable feed performance shot after shot. This new technological design provides unmatched
performance over any other loader on the market.

Designed with the professional player in mind, the unique center feed design of the ROTOR™ pushes balls straight down over a short distance allowing the loader size and shape to be small and low profile.

Play longer without reloading. The ROTOR™ holds up to 20% more paint than most loaders, while having the lowest profile. Additionally, the
ROTOR™ is also the lightest 200 round loader available. Simply smaller, lighter and faster.

The patent pending revolutionary collapsing floor tray allows for maximum ball capacity, while ensuring consistent, reliable feeding
down to the last ball. The spring loaded floor tray also ensures ball feeding while shooting at elevated targets by raising the floor as you

The ROTOR™ can be effortlessly broken down for basic cleaning or maintenance with the push of a button. No tiny screw and nuts to loosen, parts to lose or break off. Just smart and simple engineering with the players needs in mind.

Provides you the ability to monitor your paint level visually so you don’t get caught without paint. Windows available in additional colors
(sold separately).

The transparent locking lid is integrated into an interchangeable dual density carrier. The spring tension lid allows fast loading and a secure lock on the loader. The carrier design allows you to quickly change between your lid or speed feed. Additionally the removable upper shell allows you to use a high capacity upper that will hold 250 rounds (sold separately).

Single push Power On/Off button with LED display. The positive push button and bright LED informs you when your loader is on or off.

In the rare event of a ball jam caused by oversized or out of round paint, simply give the jam release trigger a quick pull and you are
back in action.

The ROTOR™ provides an impressive 50,000+ ball shot count on one set of three AA batteries. This new design of efficient power regulation
is revolutionary and the first of its kind in loader technology.

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Paintball in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Aug 21

The amount that cost me to play my first paintball experience was a mere 13$. And since then, the game ‘almost’ changed my life: my daily routines,  my weekly activities, etc. (I hope it gets me back to blogging…)

T’was August 1, 2010 when i first played the game. Been invited many weekends but it was only that Sunday that i was able to join.  Started as a 4-vs-4 but as few friends came in, it ended up to a 5-vs-5. Our final score was 7 and them = 3! I’m good! My team mate’s good… We’re all good! hehe… (Kudos to my team mates jeff, robin, ampatuan & fred) Thanks to that Counter-Strike (CS) game that drived me simulate those combat-like moves and put to life…

Personally, ive been longing to experience the game since it got mainstream even in Philippines but they always say the game comes with a price tag… and it’s always a steal…that 13$ i say is worth it.

Mezzanine Paintball
88B Northbridge St.
Stoeng Mean Chey, Mean Chey, Phnom Penh
Telephone: +855  97 840 500 / +855 23 865 566

8$ – Basic Fee,  Standard issue of
1 pc  Paintball marker (gun, Tippman brand) with HPA (high pressured air) tank & CO2  gas included…
1 pc  Paintball Goggles (JT brand…)
1 pc  Service Jumpsuits  (that suit you see bombsquads, SWAT, “tubero”, military, etc. wears)
1 pc  safety vest
50 pcs  Paintballs

Additional charges:
+5$ – gun/marker upgrade…
+5$ – for every 50 paintball reloads…

Breaking down my 1st paintball experience was the basic fee plus 5$ reload. Foods and drinks are not allowed on the premise. Mezzanine Paintball is a bit off the city (Approximately 15-20 minutes motorbike drive from Sovanna Shopping Center or InterContinental Phnom Penh) so refreshment within the grounds is a bit pricey. A bottle of mineral water which usually costs .25$ or 1000 riels costs double at mezzanine… 2000 riels or .50$ for a mineral water.

If you’re on my facebook, you’d probably be one of these 3 – A) pissed off……. B) envious or C) interested person with what me and my paintball buddies are posting. Fantastic photos, extreme paintball vids, mouthwatering jersey styles, etc…

[ad name=”Bidvertiser Square”]My apologies! we’re just so-into-the game. Really. Like every Sunday, everybody has some paintball news or story to tell – and what’s amazing is — everybody is interested about it. We talk about last weeks funny moments, official rules, paintball teams, youtube video’s, paintball gears, etc… anything about paintball and anything that goes in between, we talk about it…

Last week’s paintball was interesting. Check out wifey joyce’s first paintball on her blog. Interestingly, it was also last week that we were beaten by some rich khmer locals. Follow the 50 vs 200 story on her blog.

Catch my next blog: my empire pants and jersey, my JT paintball suits, my dye i4 goggles and much much more… My orders Santa hasnt arrived so ive got nothing to talk about yet… Kinda boring when i blog – i ordered this, i ordered that… blah blah blah when everything’s not on my hand yet.

BTW, as of the writing, it’s the 3rd day of International Paintball Championship 2010 currently happening at home, Philippines. LOTS of international team joined this competition. They’re prolly shooting lots and lots of balls as of the moment.

Till then, keep shooting balls! Imma blog more paintball stuff when im not bored much. I’m sleepy much so i got to brb much. BYEYERS! Remember, in everything you do, IT TAKES A LOT OF BALLS!!! ( mezzanine paintball slogan hehe)

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Manny Pacquiao Vs Joshua Clottey Sopcast links

Mar 14



Too bad i wont be around to watch it live. Enjoy and Godspeed Manny!

Other Livestream sites:…ve-stream.html

source: pex

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Dela Hoya – Pacquiao FREE Live Streaming

Dec 07

Another must-see bout ouf our very own Manny Pacquiao against golden boy Oscar Dela Hoya.

Watch it live over Direction’s here.

And here are the channels: (credits to onin)

1) sop://
2) sop://

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Watch Beijing Olympic Replay

Aug 09

If there is someone somewhere who is able to watch or download the Beijing Olympics 2008 Opening ceremony – PLEASE LET US KNOW! I’d be delighted to linkback to you.


Godspeed to Team Philippines btw 😉 😉 😉


“The servers being used in Beijing all feature: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 Processors; ASUS P5W DH Deluxe Motherboards; ATI HD2900XT Graphics Cards supplied by ASUS; Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 320GB Hard Drives; Highly customized Microsoft Windows XP Embedded O/S utilizing DirectX, DirectShow, and .NET 2.0 Framework,”

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