Paintball in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Aug 21

The amount that cost me to play my first paintball experience was a mere 13$. And since then, the game ‘almost’ changed my life: my daily routines,  my weekly activities, etc. (I hope it gets me back to blogging…)

T’was August 1, 2010 when i first played the game. Been invited many weekends but it was only that Sunday that i was able to join.  Started as a 4-vs-4 but as few friends came in, it ended up to a 5-vs-5. Our final score was 7 and them = 3! I’m good! My team mate’s good… We’re all good! hehe… (Kudos to my team mates jeff, robin, ampatuan & fred) Thanks to that Counter-Strike (CS) game that drived me simulate those combat-like moves and put to life…

Personally, ive been longing to experience the game since it got mainstream even in Philippines but they always say the game comes with a price tag… and it’s always a steal…that 13$ i say is worth it.

Mezzanine Paintball
88B Northbridge St.
Stoeng Mean Chey, Mean Chey, Phnom Penh
Telephone: +855  97 840 500 / +855 23 865 566

8$ – Basic Fee,  Standard issue of
1 pc  Paintball marker (gun, Tippman brand) with HPA (high pressured air) tank & CO2  gas included…
1 pc  Paintball Goggles (JT brand…)
1 pc  Service Jumpsuits  (that suit you see bombsquads, SWAT, “tubero”, military, etc. wears)
1 pc  safety vest
50 pcs  Paintballs

Additional charges:
+5$ – gun/marker upgrade…
+5$ – for every 50 paintball reloads…

Breaking down my 1st paintball experience was the basic fee plus 5$ reload. Foods and drinks are not allowed on the premise. Mezzanine Paintball is a bit off the city (Approximately 15-20 minutes motorbike drive from Sovanna Shopping Center or InterContinental Phnom Penh) so refreshment within the grounds is a bit pricey. A bottle of mineral water which usually costs .25$ or 1000 riels costs double at mezzanine… 2000 riels or .50$ for a mineral water.

If you’re on my facebook, you’d probably be one of these 3 – A) pissed off……. B) envious or C) interested person with what me and my paintball buddies are posting. Fantastic photos, extreme paintball vids, mouthwatering jersey styles, etc…

[ad name=”Bidvertiser Square”]My apologies! we’re just so-into-the game. Really. Like every Sunday, everybody has some paintball news or story to tell – and what’s amazing is — everybody is interested about it. We talk about last weeks funny moments, official rules, paintball teams, youtube video’s, paintball gears, etc… anything about paintball and anything that goes in between, we talk about it…

Last week’s paintball was interesting. Check out wifey joyce’s first paintball on her blog. Interestingly, it was also last week that we were beaten by some rich khmer locals. Follow the 50 vs 200 story on her blog.

Catch my next blog: my empire pants and jersey, my JT paintball suits, my dye i4 goggles and much much more… My orders Santa hasnt arrived so ive got nothing to talk about yet… Kinda boring when i blog – i ordered this, i ordered that… blah blah blah when everything’s not on my hand yet.

BTW, as of the writing, it’s the 3rd day of International Paintball Championship 2010 currently happening at home, Philippines. LOTS of international team joined this competition. They’re prolly shooting lots and lots of balls as of the moment.

Till then, keep shooting balls! Imma blog more paintball stuff when im not bored much. I’m sleepy much so i got to brb much. BYEYERS! Remember, in everything you do, IT TAKES A LOT OF BALLS!!! ( mezzanine paintball slogan hehe)

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Cellcard’s Shinee Concert in Cambodia

Feb 24

Before anything else, I’d like to make it clear that it’s just a coincidence that i have 2 cellcard related post… i’m not in anyway endorsing cellcard/mobitel… x_X

Ok, here goes…

Little that everybody know, i already have my official photography portfolio running at It’s quite packed with my proofs from various category from commercial photography, fashion, events and others…

My latest addition was last night’s Shinee’s Heart to Heart Concert in Cambodia(An R&B Group from Korea) staged at Olympic Stadium, Phnom Penh.

Click on the photos to view the set… Enjoy!

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