Fast and Furious 6 (ending prayer)

May 23

Father thank you, for the gathering of friends.
Father we give thanks for all choices we have made, cause that’s what makes us who we are.
Let us forever cherish the loved one we have lost along the way.
Thank you for the little angle, the newest addition to our family.
Thank you for bringing ‘Letty’ home, and most of all…


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Curtains up at Cambodia’s “Legend Cinema” for Glee: The 3D Concert!

Aug 23

[Disclaimer: Blog post and the movie itself not intended for the faux-macho, anti-gleeks and dumb critics that are actually brainless zombies.]

Glee: The 3D Concert Movie

Glee: The 3D Concert Movie
PG, 1 hr. 40 min.
Documentary, Musical & Performing Arts, Comedy
Directed By: Kevin Tancharoen

Im a GLEEK. And i know you are too coz you wouldn’t be here reading this if you’re not in the first place.

In a nutshell, Glee is a scripted series where you’ll see your neighbors’, friends’, enemies’ or your own personality put into a show that defies the idea of entity/culture differences. Black. White. Asian. Latin. Blonde. Fat. Skinny. Sporty. Bullies. Weirdos. Geek. Handicap. Homo. Lebanese Lesbian. Et Cetera. Name it, they have it all – agreeing, arguing, talking, loving, fighting, singing and whatnots speaking in a language common to us all: MUSIC.

The title promises a concert movie which is based on the show, and the film delivers it. Although with a few shortcoming such as the storyline (I don’t think it existed) and casting (How come substitute teacher Holly Holiday played by Gwyneth Paltrow is on the movie and the main man Coach Will is not?) Plus the disappointing fact that my personal fave Quinn played by Dianne Agron has less exposure throughout the film.

Although some points missing, they made it up for it by including interludes of real life gleeks found after each song, these are the part where it’ll pinch your heart out as they story-tell their own glee-like experiences. This for me made the movie more personal for the audiences.

Flash mob dancers drawing crowdI personally applaud Legend Cinema’s gimmicks for the film. Radio Contest, free premier ticket, posters, lanyards, shirts and lots of perks plus the awesome Flash Mob Dance!

On top of it, the 3D Dolby audiovisual system did its job right for this musical experiences where you get the feeling that you’re actually at the concert with the best seat in the house.

To wrap it up, I’m giving it a 4 out of 5 for its total awesome package. I believe the movie was made as a souvenir for the gleek bandwagons after a successful season 3 run, or a supplement while we wait for FOX and the rest of the cast of season 4 comes back. If you haven’t seen the movie… don’t be a douche-bag, get on your feet, head on to your nearest 3D cinema and grab your tickets now!

(Big thanks to Hannee thru Socheat, thru Phalla, then Mommy Joyce for the limited premier tickets!)

Some snaps from Legend Cinema:

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Transformer 3 Scenes in Cambodia

Mar 15

I was playing with Aiken (after watching the preliminary paintball match between Dynasty & Russian Legion at PSP 2011) when Joyce saw “Transformer 3 is shooting at Wat Phnom now” at DJ Buffy’s facebook wall. I went down to ask biggie if he wants to go… after seeing the result when he googled “Transformer 3 Cambodia” he said – yes, let’s go.

I was expecting some explosions and people running around like the one i saw a month earlier somewhere in youtube.. (look for Transformer 3 Chicago shoot) –

much to my disappointment – Roads are blocked.  No audience allowed. And we were greeted with decepticons saying NO CAMERA’s Allowed. well, only after shooting a few snaps already lol… he might have been some crappy old version decepticon because he didnt asked me to annihilate…err delete my pics:

They were taping somewhere in-front the Municipal Post Office and not in Wat Phnom…

Check out this press release about Michael Bay shooting some scenes for Transformer 3 here in Cambodia (source: AKP)

“Transformers 3” To Be Shot in Cambodia

Phnom Penh, January 21, 2011 AKP –
“Transformers 3 – Dark Side of the Moon” will be shot in Cambodia in February 2011 at the Angkor Temple Complex and Bokor Hill Station, according to Mr. Nicholas Simon, producer of Indochina Productions.

“Transformers 3” is the third part of the well-known science-fiction movie about TRANFORMER robots defending the earth.

“We want to shoot in Cambodia as it is one of the most beautiful countries around. With both Angkor Wat and Cambodia’s natural wonders, we will be able to maintain the large production scale of TRANFORMERS while giving the impression that the story is traveling all around the planet earth,” said Mr. Nicholas Simon in his letter addressed to Cambodian Minister of Information H.E. Khieu Kanharith.

This production will highlight the beauty the Angkor Temple Complex to a worldwide audience, he said, adding that it is estimated that over 500 million people have seen the previous two Transformers and with TRANFORMERS 3, millions more will discover the beautiful landscapes and cultural heritage of Cambodia.

Mr. Simon also recalled his good experiences in film production working in Cambodia on projects such as ORACLE, Matt Dillon’s CITY OF GHOSTS and Legendary Pictures’ I AM THAT MAN. –AKP


Uploaded some Siem Reap shots taken last February:

I was already excited when i saw the movie’s first official trailer when they twisted the history during the Apollo 11 mission. Seeing them film here in Cambodia makes it even more exciting… 😉

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Joost Download

Apr 14

It's video – more than 20,000 shows, with more added daily. It's online – all you need is a broadband internet connection.And it's free. So what are you waiting for?

What use to be an “invite-only” program is now open to public.

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More than 40 joost invititation sent…

Jun 09

.. on me & alexa‘s 40th Month Anniversary. Actually its almost a hundred invite 🙂 I would have given some cash instead if i was George Lindemann Jr. But Sorry im not him 🙁

Anyway, i’ve been busy leveling with ran and war rock/moving on/recovering/grieving/keeping busy/etc (or whatever you call it) with what had happened few weeks ago (actually its exactly a MONTH ago) – and now IM BACK trying to bring my blog senses again.

And to commemorate my return, I decided to send out those pending Joost invitation request.

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Enjoy your joost everyone!

(And to my Alexa, Get well soon yeki dear 🙂 happy 40th! love yah always!)

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999 Free Joost Invite for Everyone

May 08

With your overwhelming response to my Free Joost Invite post, I decided to instead share my blessings for FREE (even though i got my invite for a 5 bucks)

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