Kyle Aiken’s First Week

Jul 31

Kyle Aiken Yarza Lagaya

Little that everyone know, It’s exactly a week that im celebrating as a proud father to my first daughter – Kyle Aiken. T’was July 23, 3:20PM when my partner gave birth to a lovely 6.8 lbs, 41cm baby girl. It’s the first time, ever, that i felt bliss as good as this.

I would have blogged about this the very moment i got online, like few days ago –  but i wasnt able to. Id be honest, i got lost, positively lost. Out-of-focus for almost anything except for Joyce and the baby.I am excitedly-preoccupied with these two person whom radically changed my life. And still – changing my world.

And now without further ado, friends, relatives, bloggers, ladies and gentlemen -my daughter : Kyle Aiken

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