NASA Bomb’s the moon TODAY

Oct 09

NASA moon bombing in search for water

Yes, thats right.

Somebody might have tipped them that the late Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein have kept those controversial secret weapons of mass destruction onto a dark surface of the moon.

America’s so tired bombing the earth so they bomb the moon instead.

j/k. you know they wont do that.

but yes, they’ll bomb the moon, still.  not for saddam’s scuds though. NASA’s so thirsty to drink and they’re bored with coke and Pepsi so they go for some fresh ice from the moon. Yup… ICE from the moon.

Part of NASA LCROSS (Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite) mission, which departed on Earth on June 18, 2009.

The bombing happens today.

LCROSS Lunar Impact
7:31 a.m. EDT/4:31 a.m. PDT
Friday Oct. 9

That’s 7:31 PM Manila time & (says my best friend in new york, she knows more of that EDT, PDT, LOL, WTH thingees…)

Live broadcast of the impact on NASA TV free streaming here:

MSNBC news says it’ll be visible just with a telescope. Photogs, get those 55-200mm or 70-30mm lenses ready!
(asians, go get those eggs and lemongrass now!)

LCROSS CRater Observation and Sensing Satellite
NASA attacks moon
NASA moon bombing violates space law & may cause conflict with lunar ET/UFO civilizations

[its the 9th today by the way, other special things happening are 1) house rental payday 2) me & jivy‘s 25th month! Weee! A toast to us, NASA, sonny (our landlord)!]

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Happy Fathers Day Everyone!

Jun 21

Happy Father's Day Boss Nick!

To all the great dads… boss nick, boss jun, ramsey, ichie, tatay (frank), kuya joy, kuya darlito, kuya ine, kuya amer – and the rest that i forgot… To all the trippin’ dad out there – Happy Fathers Day!

Meanwhile, here’s 45 ways to say dad in different language… enjoy!

  1. Yiddish : tatti ; tay ; foter ; tateh
  2. Welsh : tad
  3. Venetian : pare ; popà ; ‘opà ; pupà ; papà
  4. Turkish : baba
  5. Spanish : papá ; viejo ; tata
  6. Swahili : baba ; mzazi
  7. Swedish : pappa
  8. Slovak : otec
  9. Slovenian : ôèe
  10. Sicilian : patri
  11. Sanskrit : tàtah ; janak
  12. Russian : papa
  13. Romanian : tata ; parinte ; taica
  14. Polish : tata ; ojciec
  15. Portuguese : pai
  16. Persian/Farsi : pedar, pitar ; simply baabaa
  17. Norwegian : pappa ; far
  18. Nepali : buwa
  19. Maori : haakoro ; kohake
  20. Mandarin Chinese : baba
  21. Malay : bapa
  22. Latvian : tevs
  23. Latin : pater ; papa ; atta
  24. Lithuanian : tevas ; pradininkas ; protevis
  25. Korean: abonim, aboji, appa
  26. Japanese : otosan, papa
  27. Italian : babbo
  28. Irish : athair ; daidí
  29. Indonesian : bapa ; ayah ; pak
  30. Hungarian : apa ; apu ; papa ; édesapa
  31. Hindi : papa ; pita-ji
  32. Hebrew : abba(h)
  33. German : banketi, papi
  34. French : papa
  35. Finnish : isä
  36. Filipino : tatay, itay, tay ; ama
  37. Estonian : isa
  38. English : father ; dad ; daddy ; pop ; poppa ; papa
  39. Dutch : vader ; papa ; pappie
  40. Czech : táta, otecfather and son
  41. Croatian : otac
  42. Bosnian : otac
  43. Brazilian Portuguese : pai
  44. Arabic : babba ; yebba ; abbi (classical)
  45. Afrikaans : vader
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BarCamp Cambodia (Phnom Penh)

Sep 19

BarCamp Cambodia

BarCamp Cambodia

When i left manila for Ho Chi Minh last year, i thought that id have to wait for another 3-4 years (or a lucky vacation) before I – again join an offline gathering of online network such as Manila’s Blog Parteeh, Blog Awards, Taste Asia, Blog Summits, etc.

LUCKILY & surprisingly – such events exists in a heritage rich country such as Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Tomorrow – September 20, 2008, hundreds of enthusiasts from all walks of life with different culture will meet in one huge event dubbed BarCamp Phnom Penh.

Wikingly speaking:

BarCamp, an innovative “impromptu” gathering that began in 2005 in Palo Alto, California, helps “open source” enthusiasts share information about technology in an informal setting. The idea quickly spread from California to the rest of the world, arriving in Bangkok in January 2008 and now in Phnom Penh. It’s an ad-hoc gathering born from the desire for people to share and learn in an open environment. It is an intense event with discussions, demos and interaction from participants.

Jayson, Udom and I will attend the said event. At some point, to represent our company – Mag-Alliance, Publisher of Cambodia’s Funkiest Magazine G21.

Jayson Vega, Me & Udom

Till then, see you guys tomorrow!

Excess: You’d be surprise that its only now, as of my blogging, that ive learned that we had our own BarCamp in Manila last August 21 🙂

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Aug 10 for

Finally our “One World, One Headshot.” campaign pics has been uploaded. Thanks to Niccolo for these amazing photos.

The One WORLD series came up as photographer, Niccolo Cosme, thought he needed something more profound than vanity for HSC; he realized that the primary root of all this project is the social network sites. These sites bind us, making the world much smaller than it is; they bridge gaps and infuse cultures, letting us co-create with everyone else. This then inspires the goal of the series: to convey the message of oneness, of unity, and peace; that whatever race we are from, whatever skin color we have, we all belong to the same world that we know of, thus having it as our common ground. We all belong there… it’s our cyber world.

The goal was not simple as it involved traveling in different countries in Southeast Asia. Its first leg took place in Saigon last May 9, 2008 where 30 plus participants had joined; Manila had the 2nd leg with 200 plus participants; the 3rd leg was in Macau with 50 participants; and Cambodia last June 7 with 50 plus.

The One WORLD series is set to run until August (Singapore, Malaysia, Bangkok, and Australia). An exhibition of all the headshots taken all over these countries is planned for September this year to commemorate the International Day for Peace.

A couple of my personal friends and important people’s headshots from the HSC Phnom Penh Leg.

Official HSC Phnom Penh Photo Gallery here and here.

A few from HSC Manila last May. Guess Who…

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Watch Beijing Olympic Replay

Aug 09

If there is someone somewhere who is able to watch or download the Beijing Olympics 2008 Opening ceremony – PLEASE LET US KNOW! I’d be delighted to linkback to you.


Godspeed to Team Philippines btw 😉 😉 😉


“The servers being used in Beijing all feature: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 Processors; ASUS P5W DH Deluxe Motherboards; ATI HD2900XT Graphics Cards supplied by ASUS; Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 320GB Hard Drives; Highly customized Microsoft Windows XP Embedded O/S utilizing DirectX, DirectShow, and .NET 2.0 Framework,”

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Headshot Clinic Phnom Penh, Cambodia 06.07.08

Jun 06

Headshot Clinic Phnom Penh, Cambodia 06.07.08

The Idea
A persistence of random friends and peers wanting to have their portraits professionally taken by  Manila-based fashion photographer, Niccolo Cosme, so as to bask into the glory of having a  glamorized primary picture in their social network web sites. In the beginning, the notion was simply  over-the-top preposterous. However, with the cyber uprising of social/career network sites such as ramsey ramos in, franco dionco in, jivy yarza on, Dan Neumeister on, Luwi on : one cannot deny the fact that these avenues foster  communication and fortify relationships exponentially that decades past could not have yet  accomplished.

The Registration.
Payment of $25 will be at the venue. You will be given a receipt and Headshot stub with your name, batch and number. Two free stubs for drinks will be attached too.

The Schedule.
Advance Headshot Clinic session will start at 6PM on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVE basis. Regular schedule and program starts 8PM.

The Looks.
Come in with your make up on and outfits. Resident Make up Artist- CINDY can do light make up for $5 per person. You may bring your own props or choose your looks and style for the night:

  • Corporate, Formal or Authoritative for the persona that dictates position, possession and power.
  • Gothic, Rockstar or Cutting Edge for the ego that shouts out rebellion, stereo typicality and self- strength.
  • Ethnic, Exotic or Traditional for the roots that signifies time, uniqueness and diversity.
  • Fancy, Extravagant or Elegance for self proclamation of fashion, trend and style.
  • Sporty/Athletic VS. Barely Dare for the drive of physical standouts in muscles and in flesh.

The Session.
5-minute time allotment per participant with 15 photo shoots. You will sign a photo/model release form. Photos will be given in a CD and one printed out to be scheduled in July.

Click here for Headshot Saigon, Macau, Manila, Hongkong – and soon Australia, Thailand, Malaysia…

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