Google Wave Invite

Nov 30

Google Wave Invitation

I’ve got a couple of google wave invites left. Just leave a comment and ill send it…

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Happy Independence Day (ID12!?!)

Jun 12

Google's Philippine Independence Day Doodle

Maligayang Araw ng Kalayaan!

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Watch Manny Pacquiao vs Ricky Hatton Free live at Sopcast

May 03

just as i once blogged:

Watch it live using

1) Get the latest sopcast client/player
2) Sign in or login as anonymous
3) Search for CCTV or HBO PPV channel

And here are the channels:

1) sop:// (currently live streaming the match)
2) sop://ย  (currently streaming basketball)

Manny wins on the 2nd ๐Ÿ˜‰ Galing! Congrats!

According to Mr. Anderson Tan of Columbia Digital, the official distributor of Nikon in the Philippines, Manny Pacquiao just bought two D3xโ€™s, a 70-200mm VR lens, and a D90 kit at the Photoworld 2009 held in Glorietta!

source: here

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Jul 31

Just plugging my little princess’ website ๐Ÿ™‚
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Your theme does not support customization

Jul 21

If you’re using the Freshy 2.0.6 theme + Customize Plugin + WordPress 2.6 then you’re stuck with the blank page when you click the “Freshy Theme Options” or you get the “Your theme does not support customization” when you click “Customize Theme“; Here’s a simple fix that you can use until an official patch/fix is provided by Jide himself: You need to edit a few lines on 3 php file.

File: functions.php
Location : Inside your Freshy2 theme folder
Lineย  473, Change

$path = ABSPATH.$theme_info->template_dir.’/’;


$path = ABSPATH.’wp-content’.$theme_info->template_dir.’/’;

File: nice_theme.php
Location: inside your Customize plugin folder
Line 24, Change

Change $this->path = ABSPATH.$this->theme_info->template_dir.’/’;


$this->path = ABSPATH.’wp-content’.$this->theme_info->template_dir.’/’;

You’d be surprise that with the 2 changes you did above, it’ll fix your WP 2.6 in no time! However, you’ll notice that the “add media” buttons is missing. To fix that problem :

File: nice_forms.php
Location: Inside your Customize plugin
Comment or remove line 92. It’s the line that has something to do with scriptaculous.js.

/* print ‘<script type=”text/javascript” src=”‘.$this->url.’js/scriptaculous.js?load=effects,dragdrop”></script>’; */

NOTE: if you will be copy/pasting the codes, i advise that you DOUBLE check the “single quotes” . In most cases the turns to ` for some weird reasons and it’ll cause the fix not to work. That’s all and have fun with your WP 2.6 and Freshy 2!

Credits to for initially posting the fix at page. I just made it more readable & easy to read ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Bon Voyage Jivy!

Apr 13

jivy & pong - Cambodia\'s First Home and Lifestyle Expo 2008
She’s been gone for like 10 hours (only) and i miss her already… for real…

Yeah, it’s only just now that the thought of joyce going home in PI is sinking in. Add up the fact that im literally home alone as everybody went out of the city except me! Big boss ashley is bound for sydney, australia this sunday, jojo is going home to manila as well. nico, nina & jean (my appt. mates!) left phnom penh this morning for Sihanouk ville, and is scheduled to hit Siem Reap tomorrow. The rest are going for a beach break tomorrow at 10am. The country’s celebrating the Khmer New Year in a few days and it’s an official holiday for most offices — thats why everybody’s going places.

– Breakfast with jivy at a Vietnamese Resto infront our building.
– ‘Hammered’ our ISP to fixed the internet which was down since late afternoon yesterday. Symptoms: Unstable connection. Cause:Interference. Solution: They increased the ‘cute’ 1M pole to a tall 6M pole.
– Went to lucky at around 1:20 to buy some ‘baon’ for joyce. Also bought the same sandwich for my lunch. Jojo and a friend came to pick her up at around 1:30.
– Did the artwork for InterContinental Hotel Phnom Penh advertisement on their Green Globe campaign/award.
– Finally got the Linksys WRT54G to work! A ‘hard reset’ solved the problem
– Stayed in the office until 10pm. Organizing files, downloading stuff, fixing and tweaking both our blogs. (well for your information, has officially moved to

Not only that i replaced my old Freshy 1 template to the latest Fresh 2 theme, i also upgraded my old 2.3 WordPress to the latest WP 2.5 version. Thanks to InstantUpgrade plugin for a less-than-3-minute, hassle-free, automatice wordpress update.

Cheers everyone! All for now…

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