Curtains up at Cambodia’s “Legend Cinema” for Glee: The 3D Concert!

Aug 23

[Disclaimer: Blog post and the movie itself not intended for the faux-macho, anti-gleeks and dumb critics that are actually brainless zombies.]

Glee: The 3D Concert Movie

Glee: The 3D Concert Movie
PG, 1 hr. 40 min.
Documentary, Musical & Performing Arts, Comedy
Directed By: Kevin Tancharoen

Im a GLEEK. And i know you are too coz you wouldn’t be here reading this if you’re not in the first place.

In a nutshell, Glee is a scripted series where you’ll see your neighbors’, friends’, enemies’ or your own personality put into a show that defies the idea of entity/culture differences. Black. White. Asian. Latin. Blonde. Fat. Skinny. Sporty. Bullies. Weirdos. Geek. Handicap. Homo. Lebanese Lesbian. Et Cetera. Name it, they have it all – agreeing, arguing, talking, loving, fighting, singing and whatnots speaking in a language common to us all: MUSIC.

The title promises a concert movie which is based on the show, and the film delivers it. Although with a few shortcoming such as the storyline (I don’t think it existed) and casting (How come substitute teacher Holly Holiday played by Gwyneth Paltrow is on the movie and the main man Coach Will is not?) Plus the disappointing fact that my personal fave Quinn played by Dianne Agron has less exposure throughout the film.

Although some points missing, they made it up for it by including interludes of real life gleeks found after each song, these are the part where it’ll pinch your heart out as they story-tell their own glee-like experiences. This for me made the movie more personal for the audiences.

Flash mob dancers drawing crowdI personally applaud Legend Cinema’s gimmicks for the film. Radio Contest, free premier ticket, posters, lanyards, shirts and lots of perks plus the awesome Flash Mob Dance!

On top of it, the 3D Dolby audiovisual system did its job right for this musical experiences where you get the feeling that you’re actually at the concert with the best seat in the house.

To wrap it up, I’m giving it a 4 out of 5 for its total awesome package. I believe the movie was made as a souvenir for the gleek bandwagons after a successful season 3 run, or a supplement while we wait for FOX and the rest of the cast of season 4 comes back. If you haven’t seen the movie… don’t be a douche-bag, get on your feet, head on to your nearest 3D cinema and grab your tickets now!

(Big thanks to Hannee thru Socheat, thru Phalla, then Mommy Joyce for the limited premier tickets!)

Some snaps from Legend Cinema:

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NPPL on ESPN3 via ibVPN

Apr 05

You might have been 1 of those paintball fan/player that supported espn3’s facebook campaign and ended up getting frustrated ‘coz after liking them on fb — all you get is a white page, refreshing crazy by itself when you log on to

Eclipse HQ even posted a somewhat call-to-attention campaign here. (Which would look like hundreds of thousand paintball supporters are spamming ESPN.)

This is what you get from ESPN after doing the call-to-attention thingy:


Thanks for contacting ESPN.
This NPPL event is not currently scheduled to air on the ESPN networks in your area.

We’ll be sure to let our programming executives know that our viewers would like to see more paintball programming on our air.


ESPN Viewer Response

————— Original Message —————
I REALLY want to watch NPPL Surf City Open Paintball on ESPN3 this weekend but I’m in Cambodia and can’t. Please Help.

In a nutshell — here’s whats needed to watch ESPN3

1] We need to make your incoming traffic appear to originate from United States.
2] Not only originate in United States — but coming from an ESPN affiliated TV/Internet network provider:

My solution to point No. 1 – VPN (Virtual Private Network)

Since the reign of VPN, i personally resisted on using the over-rated Proxy Servers. It’s not just stable. Slow. And yes, hard to get a good one. With ibVPN, it’s a breeze. Easy to setup, stable & crazy fast. Although it comes with a price, it’s money well spent. You’re not just paying for your anonymity & security, you are also able to bypass blocked websites! Not only that i was able to access NPPL on ESPN3, you might want to check these streaming sites too! -> Hulu, Pandora, ABC, NBC, BBC iPlayer, ITV

My solution to point No. 2 – AT&T

I mentioned earlier in this post that other than making your traffic look like from US, you also need to make it look like from ESPN affiliated network. Coincidentally, they have at&t from the drop down list selection and the sole provider who offer FREE email! (which means free at&t username)


You must have a U.S. based IP address to register for an email account.

again, ibVPN to the rescue! I was one of the lucky few to get a FREE email on April 1.  On April 2, youll get this:

Page Temporarily Unavailable.

We’re sorry, but this service is temporarily not available. We plan to resume offering free email accounts in June 2011. For more information, please click here.

You can watch all the replays and stuff btw, too bad you’d have to wait for June to get a free login 😉

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ARLO GILBERT is Pinoy Big Brother

May 06

ARLO GILBERT is Pinoy Big Brother says SEO Expert

Who is big brother?

75% of SEO Expert Say’s Arlo Gilbert MAY BE the man behind the Pinoy Big Brother Phenomena in Philippine. More known as “kuya” inside the house. It’s been “episodes” that this man is finally unveiling himself. Proofs varies from internet links, tabloids internet magazines and of course – gossips.

Sources say’s he’s last seen at the first day World Pyro Olympics 2008 last May 3 somewhere in the Esplanade Mall of Asia wearing a pair of Levi’s jeans and plain black shirt with the prototype of the latest-unreleased iPHONE on his right hand. (Haven’t heard of it? well its the upcoming beefed-up iphone from Apple with 3G enabled and upgraded camera phone)

Who was he with ? Was he with the controversial Ira Eigenmann or with a fancy Britney Spears or Paris Hilton look a like? NONE! He was on his own strolling the area!

Moreover, it is without a doubt that Arlo Gilbert is joining the NASA’s invitation “Send Your Name to the Moon” Project upon learning this too-good-to-be-true story 😀

posted 5 days after the launch of Tekken Philippines

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PSP All Star Janken Cheat/Password

Apr 29

Mind you guys that this is is a bit SPOILER, well yeah, sort off.

Ramsey and I were discussing a few PSP games last weekend – and this time about some weird game we found over the net. All Star Janken. Don’t worry, This wont be a review blog entry. Ill let the screen shots speak for itself

If the photos didn’t speak for you, well, nine stunning idols to battle with
in games of janken – or paper, scissors, stone. Successfully beating the idols
brings up revealing revelations of the ladies. Set in the sun and full of
vibrant colours and bubbly idols.

Win 5 round and you’re on for a treat…Unlike other games, You need not to be expert and smart on this one though 😉

oh and for the cheat/password of the game?



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Joost Download

Apr 14

It's video – more than 20,000 shows, with more added daily. It's online – all you need is a broadband internet connection.And it's free. So what are you waiting for?

What use to be an “invite-only” program is now open to public.

20,000+ TV shows, 400+ Channels.

Video. Online. FREE.

Need i say more?

Joost™ the best of tv and the internet

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Ira Eigenmann scandal turns phenomena

Mar 31

NO NUDE PHOTOS of Ira Eigenmann HERE! (just to make it clear in the first place)
But for the time being only, i guess.

Everyone’s asking. Everybody’s writing, blogging, posting and story telling it.

What do we have here now — my thoughts.

Yes, just a few statement on what i believe is true with the best of my ability. Oh wait, th pictures/photos you’re asking?!? again not here but here: or
and a lot more over the big G.

Just key in her name with all the variants (or wrong spellings) – ira iegenman, ira eigenman, ira eigennmann, et cetera, you’ll head on to her stories and pictures. You can even try to be creative! add up the word “scandal”, “sushi photos” and you’ll be surprised!

Analysis / Evidence:
Pictures are worth a thousand words. I’d be honest with you that at first, i did not read any articles/write-ups of these incident. I went on with the nude photos directly.

There’s like 2 or 3 WHOLESOME photo with Ira and a girl friend.
then there’s the rest of the nude photos of ira

whats common ? A LOT! the color swatches, the spot colors, the resemblance, the wallpaper, the decor. Simply put: the LOCATION.

Anyway, see for yourself. You don’t even need to be a photoshop expert with this one. What you need is a few pinch of common sense and a lot of understanding.

Violent reaction:
Not on Ira’s mom statement about how goody goody her daughter is; not with ira’s brother’s statement.

but with who ? with the girl that i saw in the news at TFC with a nicey nicey apple mac that quoted on WORLDWIDE TV that the photos were of fake and were seamlessly made with a design software.

Where is she from? Is she still working as of the moment? How much money she makes? Is she paid by the eigenmann’s? (lol cheer leader?). SHE’s the one who’se fake! I dare to challenge that girl against my a few years experience with photography, pixels, rasters and vectors.

The news could have been more credible if at least 5 random analysts/photographer/designer was quoted. And not just one crappy representative.

It’s real. Ira’s photos are real. Any cover-up’s is plain – BULLSH*T.


Celebrities == Role Models.

Be it the bulilits, the dancers, the housemates, the image models, the teleserye king and queens, anybody under the showbiz curtain. People admire you, people imitate you, people idolizes you…

For Christ sake do things for real and right 😐

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