RIP Steve Jobs 1955-2011

The only thing that i regret about Apple is that i got a share of it – a little late =[

Anyhow, here’s my humble share how Apple in it’s simple way became a part of our life:

– 2008, Almond Joy (my brother) bought Hershey (my sister) an iPod classic then

– 2010, She later got the previous iPod Touch for herself when she moved to US.

– 2011, Almond Joy wants a mean mobile computing machine for his career supplement jobs : crafting short video clips and slideshows. He gifted himself a MacBook Pro.

– 2011, It was only 3 months ago that i was able to acquire my very first legit iDevice, a pre-owned 32gb iPhone 3gs from my paintball brother Moni. Back then, the closest i could only have was my Snow Leopard running on my Dell laptop. I started porting OS X to my PC circa 2006-2007.

– Google Voicing & Vibering with my sister to talk to my folks in US on our heart’s desire. My dad decided to get his own 4th Generation iPod Touch. Lolo Techie checking in.

– Vacation 2011 came, Was surprised to see my mom with the handed-over iPod Classic. American Idol Scotty McCreery lullaby’s her to sleep. Lola Techie in the house, too!

– I bought an iPad2 at iOne two months ago. Just as expected, it became instant hit with the family. Mommy Joyce loves and enjoys Photobooth; Ate Andrea plays Pet Hotel & Smurfs; Kuya Aaron drifts better than me with Asphalt 6; last but not the least – Aiken: the one who spends most of the time with the iPad – is either playing with Words & Numbers or watching Barney and the likes.

It wasn’t that financially easy though, but one thing for sure – every penny’s worth it. We didn’t just pay for a luxurious gadget, we invested for the spell-bounding unique experience it brings.

And this wouldn’t have been all possibly existing if it wasn’t because of the visionary, genius & inventor Steve Jobs. May your soul rest in peace. Indeed you have changed the world bigtime. Enjoy heaven way higher than your iCloud Steve!

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  1. bilgi says:

    I remember the great man. always gonna be in our minds

  2. Too bad! This guy has changed the world of mobile devices on his own.

  3. A great majority of people who love his products discovered him in his late years, probably in the iPhone years already. The magic of it is that, everybody adored him instantly. Not really because of the products he produce, but because of what kind of a man he is. He’s a true gift to the human race.

  4. Lola Techie in the house, too!…you are funny man!

  5. Crish Bronze says:

    I don’t have words to says for Mr. Steve. He was person with great thinking mind, producing new & best & better technology each and every time.

  6. wewe1976 says:

    I remember the great man.

  7. Linksy says:

    Like many others, I wasn’t a fan of Apple’s more recent “sue everyone who competes with us” tactics, but whatever side of the debate you sit on, whatever OS you use, whatever phone you use, I don’t think anyone can deny Steve Jobs genius. He took what was a failing company and turned it into one of the largest technology companies on Earth. His real genius wasn’t in real innovation, he and his company took what already existed but they made such things easy to use, desirable and designed them with real flair. 😉

  8. This man is a genious too bad he past away may he rest in peace

  9. JASon says:

    I remember the great man.

  10. I remember the great man Liftime.

  11. This was a really fantastic post that I really do appreciate. This is something that is really amazing and interesting to me to say the least. :mrgreen:

  12. This has to be one of the most interesting articles i’ve ever read on a blog! (then again, this is one of the most interesting blogs i’ve ever come across)

  13. Laura says:

    This guy was a legend, a pioneer in the mobile technology sector indeed. rip. IThis is an interesting find, as is rogaine foam reviews, thanks.

  14. Jonas Vilarios says:

    I am a big fan of steve jobs, I have read his book and watched a documentory rogaine for women reviews about him and it was very interesting and seeing how he led apple to the firm it has become today.

  15. Joana Shevren says:

    A legendary guy who exposes people a good product without the limit of imagination and the output of hardowrk. Same determination I need to get a better heart just by consuming astaxanthin which helped me a lot.

  16. Wii ombouwen says:

    I am not a fan of Apple, but Respect for this man, he is my biggest inspiration. When he got fired from his own company, I know he felt sad. But when they needed him, Steve Jobs made a great success with his old company. Rest in peace!

  17. Sandra Wetton says:

    I love Steve Jobs and his works and ideas that will never be forgotten just like I admire the pure tulsi tea that I got from my doctor.

  18. alicson katich says:

    I salute to the Great Innovator and Creator of 21st century, Mr. Steve Jobs. You made the world think Differently and work Smartly.class 1 division 1

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  20. I just wish he had become my mentor. Thanks to him I am enjoying so much of Iphone and Ipads. RIP Steve.

  21. Great Master in Invention, Regards for you Steve. Steve will be alive till the End of Apple company.

    Thanks for sharing.

  22. Great inventor , a gift to the human race , RIP Steve .

  23. Steve Jobs was a great inventor and my inspiration.. Thanks for sharing!

  24. Jane says:

    Thanks for the iphone Steve

  25. RIP Steve I was more an android fan but for you only repect!!

  26. Thanks for the post; it has blog to be exactly I needed. I appreciate the information, well thought for anybody. Thank you 😐

  27. Frank Doelwijt says:

    Guy was a Legend 😮 😮

  28. Mark de Vries says:


  29. Frank de Vries says:

    Steve I will miss you 🙁

  30. Vrirgil Breedveld says:

    the world is not the same without steve jobs

  31. Kees de Albanees says:

    STEVE JOBS WE we will miss you all…

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  33. STEVE you’re the best

  34. Bruno Mazali says:

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  35. Caroline says:

    🙁 people will remember him and his dedication

  36. i read somewhere that after graduation in first year steve jobs earned 1 Million dollar, in 2nd year he earned 2 Millions, and in third year he earned 10Millions. he is really an inspiration for us

  37. steve jobs is a genius and a real innovation, should steve jobs given the tribute to the memory of his.Rip to steve jobs

  38. Steve jobs visionary men and great innovator as well as genius, has ever lived in a community of techonology iphone.

  39. Getled says:

    So sad hes gone.

    SJ we love u!

  40. The legend, he will be known forever

  41. He was a visionary. RIP Steve Jobs

  42. It is too sad to say that steve has leave us. Hope apple can still produce nice gadget without steve.

  43. Rest in Peace Mr. Steve. I will never forget you. You are apple heart in my mind. thank for your great dvelopment to apple

  44. JS says:

    He was a one of a kind man..Steve, you only deserve RESPECT!!!He was a genius ❗

  45. 😈 wow its fiar

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