RIP Steve Jobs 1955-2011

Oct 06

The only thing that i regret about Apple is that i got a share of it – a little late =[

Anyhow, here’s my humble share how Apple in it’s simple way became a part of our life:

– 2008, Almond Joy (my brother) bought Hershey (my sister) an iPod classic then

– 2010, She later got the previous iPod Touch for herself when she moved to US.

– 2011, Almond Joy wants a mean mobile computing machine for his career supplement jobs : crafting short video clips and slideshows. He gifted himself a MacBook Pro.

– 2011, It was only 3 months ago that i was able to acquire my very first legit iDevice, a pre-owned 32gb iPhone 3gs from my paintball brother Moni. Back then, the closest i could only have was my Snow Leopard running on my Dell laptop. I started porting OS X to my PC circa 2006-2007.

– Google Voicing & Vibering with my sister to talk to my folks in US on our heart’s desire. My dad decided to get his own 4th Generation iPod Touch. Lolo Techie checking in.

– Vacation 2011 came, Was surprised to see my mom with the handed-over iPod Classic. American Idol Scotty McCreery lullaby’s her to sleep. Lola Techie in the house, too!

– I bought an iPad2 at iOne two months ago. Just as expected, it became instant hit with the family. Mommy Joyce loves and enjoys Photobooth; Ate Andrea plays Pet Hotel & Smurfs; Kuya Aaron drifts better than me with Asphalt 6; last but not the least – Aiken: the one who spends most of the time with the iPad – is either playing with Words & Numbers or watching Barney and the likes.

It wasn’t that financially easy though, but one thing for sure – every penny’s worth it. We didn’t just pay for a luxurious gadget, we invested for the spell-bounding unique experience it brings.

And this wouldn’t have been all possibly existing if it wasn’t because of the visionary, genius & inventor Steve Jobs. May your soul rest in peace. Indeed you have changed the world bigtime. Enjoy heaven way higher than your iCloud Steve!


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