How to backup your friendster?

Apr 28

Logging in back to Friendster for most of us who inevitably migrated to Facebook is like going back to our hometown only to find out that you are really in a ghost town. A place once busier than your city’s public market, now eerier than a grave yard.

Let’s face it, before FACEBOOK, you were once a Friendster-baby who once asked “penge testi!” [gimme testi(monial)]. Right? We were one of those peeps that stalks on somebody elses profile, then we realize FS has some feature (that we all want FB to have) which is the “Who’s viewed me

Too bad nothing good last forever. Friendster, once dominant social network, suggested to its user-base to back up their photos, comments, blogs and groups as the content would be deleted during a massive overhaul on May 31 2011.

So yeah, here goes the white flag. Friendster i should say is giving up it’s old social networking genre – and will be concentrating on a not-so populated market which is entertainment and gaming.

oh, how to backup / download your friendster stuff? click that huge photo above or just click here :

I’ll just see you all at FS’s afterlife πŸ™‚


  1. When friendster was gone i really so sad because some of my photo’s and my friends contact was lost but this article helps me on how to recover. Thanks for sharing this such a great post.

  2. Actually this is the first time I have even heard of friendster. Before facebook I thought the one everyone used was myspace. toppik reviews

  3. Olufunke /

    I lost my friendster account I was so devastated. It had all of my photos that i cannot retrieve, I guess I have learned to back them up on my PC now. librow reviews

  4. I have never heard of Friendster. I have to check out what it is…

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