Motodop Jr.


Or should I say off-road biker in the making.

I’ve been longing to take a snap of these kids since we moved to our village but I never got a chance coz its either im in rush for work or these young riders are crazy swerving their way off the traffic for school!

I got this shot on my way home for lunch. Finally.

14 Responses to Motodop Jr.

  1. LoveChic says:

    How cute they are! You know small adults! 😉

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  6. Or should I say off-road biker in the making 🙂 ha ha ha

  7. nice blog, but why has not updated anymore ,….

  8. saktie says:

    it’s funny pic, 🙂

  9. Sudha says:

    nice blog, but why has not updated anymore ,….

  10. ivoryprint says:

    really they are small adults 🙂

  11. Glaiza says:

    At first if you look at that picture it’s funny, but it’s too dangerous for a child to drive a motor cycle like that. I wonder if where are their parents.
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  12. patupedia says:

    hahaha funny that child .. 😛

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