kruap gi, whatever…

Apr 25

pong: 😀
Hor Ratanak: omggg
Hor Ratanak: ><
Hor Ratanak: ur buzz
Hor Ratanak: was stressing me out
pong: 😀
Hor Ratanak: or whatever

So much help from my khmer buddy… lol!

After downing a glass of extra joss, i saw my colleague preparing her hot water drink with some black seed… i asked what is it in english,  she doesnt know but she said its “Kruap Gee” or something like that in Khmer… another staff whose pregnant said it’s good for the health…

So yeah, i did try it out and it’s not so bad at all! it feels like jelly or something and tastes like tapioca pearl (sago)… this is way better than the ‘sago” they sell at the grocery… Speaking of grocery, i once saw the same thing at Lucky, i’ll probably check it out what’s it called in english, i’ll let you know!


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