Khmer New Year 2011


This night marks the last day of KNY 2011, We spent the evening at a carnival in Diamond Island then we headed to KFC Riverside for a simple dinner. (They gave 2 cans of complimentary Sting energy drink in celebration of Kny)

This photo was taken using Joyce’s Nokia C6.

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  1. LoveChic says:

    i have never been to khmer but according to the phot this is a great place. Asia is a unique area with lots of traditions and customs and we can learn a lot from people living there.

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  4. Thanks for the post 😎 . The picture seems like its a great place. How was the diamond island. What are the specialites of the island. Please add a brief about your days in Diamond Island.

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  8. Nice Pic. I want to go there

  9. Looks cool! I need a vacation soon!!

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  11. Awesome Pics…….thanks for sharing 😀

  12. Great article, loved it. Nice pics.

  13. worldebuzz says:

    wow ! amazing view i want to go there classifieds

  14. Sudha says:

    Looks too cool i like it………………………………………..

  15. Masini says:

    That looks very cool indeed

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  17. cool that is so nice i like it 😛 😉

  18. patupedia says:

    surely missed at the time when he’s there again 🙂

  19. kaosturn says:

    yeay, nice man

  20. joody says:

    auuuu ini bagus banget tempatnya. saya mau donk mampir kesini

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