Transformer 3 Scenes in Cambodia

I was playing with Aiken (after watching the preliminary paintball match between Dynasty & Russian Legion at PSP 2011) when Joyce saw “Transformer 3 is shooting at Wat Phnom now” at DJ Buffy’s facebook wall. I went down to ask biggie if he wants to go… after seeing the result when he googled “Transformer 3 Cambodia” he said – yes, let’s go.

I was expecting some explosions and people running around like the one i saw a month earlier somewhere in youtube.. (look for Transformer 3 Chicago shoot) –

much to my disappointment – Roads are blocked.  No audience allowed. And we were greeted with decepticons saying NO CAMERA’s Allowed. well, only after shooting a few snaps already lol… he might have been some crappy old version decepticon because he didnt asked me to annihilate…err delete my pics:

They were taping somewhere in-front the Municipal Post Office and not in Wat Phnom…

Check out this press release about Michael Bay shooting some scenes for Transformer 3 here in Cambodia (source: AKP)

“Transformers 3” To Be Shot in Cambodia

Phnom Penh, January 21, 2011 AKP –
“Transformers 3 – Dark Side of the Moon” will be shot in Cambodia in February 2011 at the Angkor Temple Complex and Bokor Hill Station, according to Mr. Nicholas Simon, producer of Indochina Productions.

“Transformers 3” is the third part of the well-known science-fiction movie about TRANFORMER robots defending the earth.

“We want to shoot in Cambodia as it is one of the most beautiful countries around. With both Angkor Wat and Cambodia’s natural wonders, we will be able to maintain the large production scale of TRANFORMERS while giving the impression that the story is traveling all around the planet earth,” said Mr. Nicholas Simon in his letter addressed to Cambodian Minister of Information H.E. Khieu Kanharith.

This production will highlight the beauty the Angkor Temple Complex to a worldwide audience, he said, adding that it is estimated that over 500 million people have seen the previous two Transformers and with TRANFORMERS 3, millions more will discover the beautiful landscapes and cultural heritage of Cambodia.

Mr. Simon also recalled his good experiences in film production working in Cambodia on projects such as ORACLE, Matt Dillon’s CITY OF GHOSTS and Legendary Pictures’ I AM THAT MAN. –AKP


Uploaded some Siem Reap shots taken last February:

I was already excited when i saw the movie’s first official trailer when they twisted the history during the Apollo 11 mission. Seeing them film here in Cambodia makes it even more exciting… 😉

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  1. ventre says:

    This film will rock

  2. kingsley says:

    I can not wait to watch the movie.

  3. hard wait to see it completed

  4. jadrnice says:

    Awsome footages! Nicely done!

  5. The first one was a great popcorn movie. The second one was pretty horrible. I hope this one is a return to form.

  6. dan says:

    Nice pics, thanks for your hard work in getting them! 🙂 I will have to go check out that Chicago shoot you mentioned on youtube. I wasn’t a huge fan of the last Transformers Movie, but maybe this one will rekindle that flame. Here’s hoping! Thanks again for the article!

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  7. Nice post. We will take the pic like this

  8. GIochi says:

    this movie will be so awesome !

    I cant wait and thanks for backstage shots!

  9. Many thanks to the author for a great video. I got a lot of fun when watching :mrgreen:

  10. sounds so promising! cant wait for the release

  11. bodybuilding says:

    Looks great, hopefully it’s better then number 2.

  12. izolasyon says:

    is really a super movie, video, and thanks for the article

  13. i saw this movie it is a great movie to watch. Nice work!!!!!!

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  15. […] found also some photos from Transformer 3 Scenes in Cambodia. It was difficult for them to take the photos because the road as blocked, no audiences allow and […]

  16. Mic says:

    Transformers 3 will be screened in Legend Cinema in Phnom Penh as the opening feature 🙂

  17. Official says:

    Nice shots but these pictures are not pictures of TF3 shoots, it’s a french movie that has been shot in Cambodia in february and march. Yes it’s true the road was blocked but not for any robot stories…sorry to disappoint you… 😉 There is no doubt about that, I know for sure.

  18. Linksy says:

    verry nice movie, I can not wait to watch the movie. 😮
    thanks.. 😉

  19. sarath says:

    I can’t wait to see it…amazing ..!!!!

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  21. adult chats says:

    this is a great movie

  22. Had no idea they filmed at Angkor Wat. hmm

  23. Tobias Casey says:

    Cool Video Material) 😉

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