to infinity… and beyond!

(shouts my baby girl aiken! with matching buzz light year pose… and so does my heart shouting the same …. YIHEE!!! CHEESY! bwahahahahaha)

Well look at that, another milestone… but no fancy date and gifts for now says mommy joyce … i say just now… there’s still tomorrow to watch-out for, or next week… or next month… in Siem Reap? World Cup Asia at KL?…

Whichever comes first 😉

behind beside every successful man is a supportive, patient, loving, thoughtful & *shouting* woman on his side”

We still have a lot of things to do & places to go… bungee jumping… skiing… six flags… europe… etc… still a long way mommy so hang on our roller coaster relationship… yeah we’re not perfect, we’ve got ups and downs as well. but thanks to them — these things makes us a better person, as a partner, as a parent.

Again, thanks for everything… stay cheesy…  Happy Anniversary Mommy Joyce! 3 years down, forever more to go!

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  7. terima kasih artikelnya. sukses selalu

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