A thank you note on my birthday

For all those people who flooded my ‘wall’ with priceless greetings and wonderful wishes: To my family, friends, relatives, colleagues, people i havent met in the flesh; Thank you very much.

To everyone who took a time out from your otherwise busy Saturday to sing, dine and drink on my birthday. Thank you very much.

And to my one and only Joyce for being the best partner a man could have. She who took a time out from playing Ran (during a x4 & x3 BTG! hehe) and decided to wake up early, hit the market, and cook instead… +9 to you mommy! You deserve a treat!

I don’t think of it as being another year older. I think of it as another year of having special people around me… be it online and IRL…

Again, Thank You! Salamat! Shukran!, Merci, Cam On, Okun Charan!!!

54 Responses to A thank you note on my birthday

  1. ki active karan? yaar
    samajh kuj aandi nai paai

  2. you are a very talented photographer

  3. Marie Wright says:

    You seem like a wonderful person hence you deserve nothing but the best. May you have a wonderful birthday and more to come!

  4. labor day says:

    you are very talented man

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