Hershey aka Nica turns 18

Mar 03

A very short and sweet message to my lovely sister — who just turned 18! (my local time) or turning 18 in a few hours (her whatever time in Ca., USA)

Seems like yesterday when we’re was just taking snaps of you on your baby walker — HALF SLEEPING with your milk on your hand and you’re so pissed – crying whenever me or your kuya nico takes it… ; seems like yesterday when me and nico were playing tetris and you went crying out loud because you fell off your crib – head first…; seems like yesterday when i was the a vainest kuya that existed (i think) that washes your ass with a latex gloves because your sh*t looks and smell like sh*t!  (and now, you’re the one doing it to aiken — without the gloves! how marvelous!)

then you grew up older and winning that Gorilla Witch award… then became a dancer that could have been a threat to the ASF or Sexbomb with your Vengaboys’ Venga Bus moves on your camouflage outfit (this could be a sign! ) … then you go to school with sir nick’s uber awesome bike… then on summer, I remember picking you up on your ballet class– either on foot with that umbrella from RCBC or on wheels, again with sir nicks uber awesome bike…

then you went to high school… literally untouchable because of our super-stage-mom-and-dads backed by the entire editorial staff of Cavite Expose.

then you became an instant ‘bunso’ of the awesomest group once existed on-and-off line;  then you went to college… following me and your kuya nico’s footstep… (then you stopped. TOO EARLY. you had no chance of doing more of what me and nico do best —- CUT CLASSES and play Counter Strike man the shop while programming VB6 or C++ instead) but you did a  great job making more waves with the organization on your first year… it could have been tsunami if you stayed…

Then you left for LA., thanks to facebook we’re still connected and interestingly more updated! and now… You’re 18! haha… still a long way baecs… chie… nica… hershey 🙂

As i always write on birthday doodle frames — ‘as God add years to your life, ask him to add life to your years’ 🙂

Happy Birthday Hershey!

Kuya Pong and everyone else here with me loves and misses you… take care always and we’re always here supporting you on whatever endeavor you’ll be going through…

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