a must: HideIPVPN

Nov 16


Forget foxy(proxy), drop the switch(proxy), never mind SOCKS. Anonymity doesn’t have to be as complicated as these jargon. You’ve had enough already.

I’ve been researching for a way to get your Google Voice activated if you’re not on a US location. I’ve seen a couple of long blogs and forum steps — and i dont like it. I’m a busy man and i need to get things done easier

Thanks to hideipvpn.com i got my google voice working smoothly now. Im on XP and the steps is as easy as making an old-school 56k dial up connection! click here, pop in your username and password… wallah! you’re hot surfing the web — anonymously and way-way-way secure than the usual!

Not only that, i am now able to watch blocked youtube videos and access US exclusive sites like Hulu, Pandora, ABC, NBC, BBC, ITV (although as of the writing, access to Hulu is temporarily blocked — and will be available soon… I KNOW)

So if you’re an access-conscious¬† and privilege freak… HideIPVPN is a must for you. You can check their website to read their details and their service. They’re offering a hundred FREE account that you gotta catch every 1st of the month and also premium services.

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