NASA Bomb’s the moon TODAY

Oct 09

NASA moon bombing in search for water

Yes, thats right.

Somebody might have tipped them that the late Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein have kept those controversial secret weapons of mass destruction onto a dark surface of the moon.

America’s so tired bombing the earth so they bomb the moon instead.

j/k. you know they wont do that.

but yes, they’ll bomb the moon, still.  not for saddam’s scuds though. NASA’s so thirsty to drink and they’re bored with coke and Pepsi so they go for some fresh ice from the moon. Yup… ICE from the moon.

Part of NASA LCROSS (Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite) mission, which departed on Earth on June 18, 2009.

The bombing happens today.

LCROSS Lunar Impact
7:31 a.m. EDT/4:31 a.m. PDT
Friday Oct. 9

That’s 7:31 PM Manila time & (says my best friend in new york, she knows more of that EDT, PDT, LOL, WTH thingees…)

Live broadcast of the impact on NASA TV free streaming here:

MSNBC news says it’ll be visible just with a telescope. Photogs, get those 55-200mm or 70-30mm lenses ready!
(asians, go get those eggs and lemongrass now!)

LCROSS CRater Observation and Sensing Satellite
NASA attacks moon
NASA moon bombing violates space law & may cause conflict with lunar ET/UFO civilizations

[its the 9th today by the way, other special things happening are 1) house rental payday 2) me & jivy‘s 25th month! Weee! A toast to us, NASA, sonny (our landlord)!]


  1. 😯 hell no!

    🙂 Toast to You and Jivy! I couldn’t be happier, Jivy is such a blessing plus Aiken pa. Miss you three. <3

  2. cool 😛

  3. Yeah , Pal you are right .I have seen this in the morning today .but what will they do by bombing there ? Are they planning to open some Hotels for the Tourists ?

    Certainly it will be a good one cause everything will be in the air !!


  4. Cool!! kaso ngaun ko lang nabasa, natutulog ako sa bus ng mga panahong binobomba ang buwan.

  5. its really nice news than NASA attack on Moon i think its for find water on moon . After indian find source of water then NASA try to attck on moon and get the water from moon and get popularity but its not possible .

  6. WOw this is totally awesome.. And yay.. they just bomb the moon, no more moon for me please. 😈

  7. That’s not true how can it possible rubbish no one can step the moon and they said that bomb. 😛

  8. Scientists already know that some small amount of water exists on the moon, but LCROSS is designed to seek out buried water ice at the lunar south pole — a region where the sun has never shined on some craters with permanent shadows. ➡

  9. keep it up this nice sharing………….

  10. @joyce ira: no, it’s not cool. The Americans do not own the Moon, nobody does.

  11. It’s not a good news for me ,Still I don’t understand why they are doing all these things Moon is not a threat for us , right now the world is facing lot of issues by bombing there what will they do ? they are planning to bringing back water to earth ? or making moon as planet for people , I don’t think it’s possible.

  12. I think NASA Is wasting the money by doing all these things.

  13. Oh mu gosh, whoy don’t they feed the poor instead????

  14. but in my mind, it is not true 😉

  15. hm….i don’t believe that 😕

  16. very interesting topic, nice

  17. Thanks for a great and informative post

  18. Oh my, what a waste of money! Squattering!

  19. Why don’t they just burn the money instead? Less of a hussle!

  20. Its quite funny, they spent all that money and didnt get anywhere near the effect they wanted! Thats the NASA, the worlds leading space agency – and they manage to make such a mess of it.

  21. So what’s next, a rocket to the sun? Clever way to spend taxpayers’ resources…

  22. Nice post & good information, I am pretty much pleased with your good work 🙂

  23. It is pretty interesting — the first time we have fired a weapon at another body in the solar system. Perhaps the operation doubled as a space weapons test?

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  25. I don’t think that they will get water from moon after bombing there. They are wasting their time and money.

  26. Sure they going to pay for this very soon.

  27. Not so good! humans are already wasting earth now they are targeting other planets.

  28. nice way of design of blog webspace

  29. new progress on NASA, nice one! hope to see H20 in the moon! and thats a great thing about it! water = life, therefore moon is a great candidate for living. if NASA can find a proof that there is water in the moon! because Earth in the future i dont what will be the outcome but we need to search a place that can be replace earth for living for who knows in the future, earth certainly will come to its end! hopefully not! but thats a theory! by the way! great share!

  30. If someone would tell me 10 years ago that we would bomb the moon, I would have laughed. Good to see how our science is doing.

  31. I don’t agree that it’s a waste of money. Space industry can give a great boost to our economy.

  32. that is the coolest think NASA has ever done.

  33. ya actually at least American did something apart bombing everywhere n taking revenge……. 😉 🙄

  34. I guess this means our moon can support life!

  35. thank you very good

  36. lol this is really cool

  37. i am really eager to see the output of THIS work…
    let us hope for the better 😉

  38. hmm.nice thanks..

  39. Ä°yi bir web sitesi sayesinde ..

  40. i can’t believe this .. this can’t be true .. ~!~

  41. Thanks realy nice

  42. Are they planning to open some Hotels for the Tourists ?
    Certainly it will be a good one cause everything will be in the air !!

  43. I hope the little green guys will be OK. Won’t somebody please think of the little green guys?

  44. I don’t think so…that’s vulnerable!
    After earth was already in danger because of science explorations and inventions, and now, the next target will be the moon? I don’t think that those who plan it has no brain at all!

  45. Their is a water on Moon.

  46. Nice and cool information to share, does it really happen..? Hope its not wasting time and money for that efforts

  47. idk y but to me it sounds worthless.We already know there’s water on mars.why do they want to do that.How will that affect us right now?? what will they do next?? bomb every other planet too?. he should be freacking worrying on fixing the economy not bombing the outer space.

  48. However, since all of the companies that designed and built the products for manned moon projects either went under (having ZERO demand for a product for nearly half a century tends to do that), or switched to what the marketplace needed, there aren’t really any manufacturers of the tried and true moon landing resources.

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