Sep 09

090909 - pong and jivy turns 2!

i wanted to post some sweet, poetic, thoughtful love notes, but already, its been said and done 😐
so i ended up uploading some nonsense but i know is sweet photo of us…

tenen!!!! pong and jivy turns 2!
(just look how mutual our thoughts are…)

here’s some amazing real world facts of 09 09 09:

* This September 9, 2009, is the 252nd day of the year, 252 adds to 9, and 09-09-09 = 27.
* 09-09-09 is also the last of the single-digits dates for quite a while – 92 years to be precise.
* It is also the upside-down number of “the beast” – satan = 666, of course.
* The day itself falls on a Wednesday and both Wednesday & September have 9 letters.

Naga World is also celebrating a kickass 090909 party tonight… and we’re not going 😀

f/2.8 FTW!

haha Love you sweet!


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