Happy Fathers Day Everyone!

Happy Father's Day Boss Nick!

To all the great dads… boss nick, boss jun, ramsey, ichie, tatay (frank), kuya joy, kuya darlito, kuya ine, kuya amer – and the rest that i forgot… To all the trippin’ dad out there – Happy Fathers Day!

Meanwhile, here’s 45 ways to say dad in different language… enjoy!

  1. Yiddish : tatti ; tay ; foter ; tateh
  2. Welsh : tad
  3. Venetian : pare ; popà ; ‘opà ; pupà ; papà
  4. Turkish : baba
  5. Spanish : papá ; viejo ; tata
  6. Swahili : baba ; mzazi
  7. Swedish : pappa
  8. Slovak : otec
  9. Slovenian : ôèe
  10. Sicilian : patri
  11. Sanskrit : tàtah ; janak
  12. Russian : papa
  13. Romanian : tata ; parinte ; taica
  14. Polish : tata ; ojciec
  15. Portuguese : pai
  16. Persian/Farsi : pedar, pitar ; simply baabaa
  17. Norwegian : pappa ; far
  18. Nepali : buwa
  19. Maori : haakoro ; kohake
  20. Mandarin Chinese : baba
  21. Malay : bapa
  22. Latvian : tevs
  23. Latin : pater ; papa ; atta
  24. Lithuanian : tevas ; pradininkas ; protevis
  25. Korean: abonim, aboji, appa
  26. Japanese : otosan, papa
  27. Italian : babbo
  28. Irish : athair ; daidí
  29. Indonesian : bapa ; ayah ; pak
  30. Hungarian : apa ; apu ; papa ; édesapa
  31. Hindi : papa ; pita-ji
  32. Hebrew : abba(h)
  33. German : banketi, papi
  34. French : papa
  35. Finnish : isä
  36. Filipino : tatay, itay, tay ; ama
  37. Estonian : isa
  38. English : father ; dad ; daddy ; pop ; poppa ; papa
  39. Dutch : vader ; papa ; pappie
  40. Czech : táta, otecfather and son
  41. Croatian : otac
  42. Bosnian : otac
  43. Brazilian Portuguese : pai
  44. Arabic : babba ; yebba ; abbi (classical)
  45. Afrikaans : vader

80 Responses to Happy Fathers Day Everyone!

  1. kyla says:

    I missed my father. he’s not here, he’s taking his vacation to his hometown. He’s such a good provider to us his children.
    SEO Cheltenham

  2. There is definitely a lot more to take in on the subject that I didn’t realize before. But I find myself pulled toward your direction of thinking. Thank you for the post! 😉

  3. Air Cleaner says:

    You get my heart. 🙂 😳 i love your post. I missed my papa(not national way to saying daddy. but in the Philippines. this is common), Im here in Singapore and I missed him so much.

  4. Kind of embarrassing to admit I did not know any of this before.. but good to know now 🙂 Thanks!

  5. I don’t have much to say about the subject as I am impartial myself, but as far the format of your website, very nicely done 🙂

  6. nhl jerseys says:

    Kind of embarrassing to admit I did not know any of this before.. but good to know now 🙂 Thanks!

  7. Diane says:

    No matter how we say it, the thought is what counts. It’s cool to learn different ways to say father. In Korea they call their father “aboji” for older children and “abppa” for youngsters.

  8. Wow! really did not know that Dad has so many cute names there in any language. I love my dad and he is as cute as those names suggest.

  9. Therapists says:

    There are also stories of dads defending their kids against bullies, dads sticking up for their kids at school and many, many touching stories of dads busting their hump to provide for their families.

  10. Aweomse stuff. I’ll share this with my dad tonight

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  12. Happy fathers day !!!!

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    Fathers day a good day to show respect love to father.

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