Happy Trip AJ & Nhiay

Nyol (over time in the office. biggie on the left)
nhiay (with fashion guru sapor on the right and mamang boat driver on the left)

Wishing this guys a safetrip back home to Philippines. T’was fun working with you guys!

Everyone is sure to miss you, especially the kids…. We’ll see you soon! God Bless!

19 Responses to Happy Trip AJ & Nhiay

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  6. Happy trip! Anyway, Nice ocean view for Nhiay’s photo on the boat. What’s this place? Is it in the Philippines?

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  11. Very nice pictures!Thanks for sharing your good trip.

  12. Wow very beautiful view of ocean. Nice picture and have a happy trip. Thanks for back link.

  13. Great to see in beautiful ocean your nice photo on boat. happy trip Nhiay. 😛

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