unforunately your payment was not accepted by paypal


Unfortunately your payment was not accepted by PayPal. We are now redirecting you to PayPal. Please choose an alternative payment method from within your PayPal Account.

FORTUNATELY i was able to get around with it. well, after a couple of sleeping hours though.

I got that error last night while i was extending my rapidshare account. at first i thought it has something to do with cookies and stuff. so i did using diff. browser, no luck. something fishy. tried using different laptop. still no luck still. then i GAVE UP.

took me till 1am (or later, i think) to shut my laptop, move on, and just go to sleep and face this hella frustrating thing tomorrow in the office.

AND SO I DID. same error. did more googling bout it, but still no successful forum post or blog entries about it. so now, i have to do it – my way!

for your information just incase someday you’ll end up in this bottleneck, my situation is this — got less than a dollar fund on my visa debit and enough paypal fund for the extension.

with that fact, you can say “maybe its because i dont have enough fund on my card” – but why dont paypal (automatically) deduct the charges on my paypal fund or why there’s no option to change to this payment method–  THAT question, i dont know. its as if rapidshare’s paypal payment system is set on that default – to check your cc/debit balance only.

so my solution? — PAID thru a reseller 😉 (hoping that paypal-paypal wont be a problem) and luckily, it worked. the charges was deducted from my paypal fund. The reseller i used was InstantSetup.Net.

That’s it! 😉

shout out goes to jeff for helping me on my paypal fund and suzett for recieving that computerized call from the reseller