Welcome to the real world! (again…)

spams at nestlepoell.net

Woooooooooohooooooooooo an update! Yeah! after like what, 10 decades or so?

back then i was a blogaholic. 3-5 posts a day.

now, like 1 post every 3 months? haha… might be lucky to get an update here if manny has a match. what the EFF!.

sorry guys, its really boring to post an entry if you’re mind says “hey you have to blog”. UNLIKE NOW (Which i know this is how i used to be 2 years ago) that if im tasked to do something — i wont do it, ill blog instead. hehehe… such a lazy guy…

well anyway, this wont take long BUT do expect that ill be blogging again from time to time. SWEAR, this time i swear.

Cheeers and enjoy that effing spam!

(and about the title? just head on to my FB)