Lips106 FM Manila

Another online Philippine’ FM station worth bookmarking! Just like Kiss FM Lucena, you can send online your request!

add up [email protected] to your YM and send ’em your request!

Or you can always tag along this page to say your hi’s and hello’s 🙂


25 Responses to Lips106 FM Manila

  1. You’ve given me some useful insights – thanks!

  2. marami pong salamat sa lips106 fm.ang ganito pong programa sa internet malaking tulong po sa amin dito sa ibang bansa.maraming salamat po more power sa programa nyo and god bless.

  3. website says:

    i love this song ……..

  4. This station was already in my favorites. I find it easier to listen to the foreign FM stations that today’s repeat every hour playlist on US FM stations.

  5. Yuuko says:

    :mrgreen: This song is really good. Good thing i’m from the philippines. The song is really good.

  6. Will says:

    Just wanted to say hi.

  7. Tamma says:

    Hi nice station thanks for sharing

  8. It’s great to have a new FM station! I love listening to TALK – SHOWS!

  9. Beagle Girl says:

    Awwww…so sweet.

  10. jasmine says:

    wow! that’s cool! so, radio’s technology life is growing huh! :mrgreen:

  11. First I had some problems with the plugin and I could manage to open. Good creation and nice musicstyle. I keep in mind. Thanks

  12. Nice post, thank you.
    Please keep on blogging.

    Best regards.

  13. I hadn’t any problems with the plugin. Very awesome to here music from the philis!

  14. It says “it’s no longer supported…” can you do something about it?

  15. Goldmünzen says:

    that is so groovy. yeah! 🙄

  16. Thank for sharing. It’s fun.

  17. says:

    Excellent Post. Thanks

  18. perth dj says:

    😆 Thrilled to hear about a FM station where you can send requests online.

  19. Thats wonderfull post.

  20. Goldmünzen says:

    It´s a real important topic I think. So why so much negativity about it?

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