Dela Hoya – Pacquiao FREE Live Streaming

Another must-see bout ouf our very own Manny Pacquiao against golden boy Oscar Dela Hoya.

Watch it live over Direction’s here.

And here are the channels: (credits to onin)

1) sop://
2) sop://

32 Responses to Dela Hoya – Pacquiao FREE Live Streaming

  1. Wayne says:

    Thanks buddy, Manny wins…..


  2. Lennard says:


  3. Julie says:

    Thanks a lot.

  4. Tim Reynolds says:

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  5. Wow – thanks for the link. I wrote Manny off for this fight, I thought De la Hoya would be too strong and too big. I was wrong.

    I am starting to think that Manny would even outbox a giant like Valuev. Manny in an UD over Valuev IMO.

  6. Gesund essen says:

    Manny is great but your blog is the greatest. Giving link to live viewing is rare. But I felt sorry for myself, I did not see this early. 😥

  7. De La Hoya was great in his day, but he needs to hang it up now.

  8. Ricky Hatton is going to get his boxing gloves handed to him by pacman! 👿

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  12. Thanks for the links… I’ll try to follow them in future.
    That was really impressive fight. I hope that pacman will beat Hatton and we’ll see his fight with Floyd…

  13. nikah_sekeri says:

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  15. Mr. Hammocks says:

    Yes, I agree with you. It is a must-see!

  16. i was wondering if anyone know of a website that will really stream the fight tonight or maybe some program i can download that shows the fight…..

  17. It’s very nice. Thanks

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  21. Kredit says:

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  22. Hehe….good fighters…knocking him out :mrgreen:

  23. Volker says:

    Moin moin! Wirklich schöne Seite die ihr da habt.Bin schon ein paar mal auf eurer Seite gewesen und jetzt hab ich mir gedacht, ich schreib euch mal was nettes ins Gästebuch. Also echt toll was ihr hier gemacht habt. Macht weiter so. Ich würde ich mich über einen Gegenbesuch auf meiner Webseite “Urlaub auf Sylt oder an der Ostsee” sehr freuen. 😛

  24. Thanks for the links… I’ll try to follow them in future.
    😉 😉

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  26. Davetiye says:

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