home alone w/ the kids

well not really home alone as nina and nico and manang lucre’s still here. its just that mommy joyce is out!

mommy left yesterday for a 2-DAY-2-NIGHT business trip to KL. Yeah MALAYSIA!

ive been drooling to see the Petronas Tower and to walk on Limkokwing Cyberjaya’s Campus. BUT SHE GOT there first! Waaaaah! i do envy mommy jivy.

Anyway aiken’s up & i got to take her to shower…

(enjoy mommy’s candid pic 10mins before we reach the airport yesterday :P)

22 Responses to home alone w/ the kids

  1. kikaybukikay says:

    daddy day care mode si best ninong ah? i liked joyce’s candid shot. it’s cute. 😀

  2. joyce ira says:

    nakakatawa yung litrato ko!!! mantakin mo ba naman na makatulog ako sa tuktuk dahil sa sobrang pagod!!! daddy namiss kita kahit 2 days lang akong nawala 😳

  3. Well, it’s nice to know that your mommy went to a trip. It will help her to relax and unwind! 😀

  4. Eugene says:

    I am looking for some idea and stumble upon your posting 🙂 decide to wish you Thanks. Eugene

  5. Sue says:

    Love the pic!

  6. T. J. says:

    I agree. Nice pic!

  7. Lovely picture and it was a good experience for you as well. 😆

  8. Hang tough, mommy will be back sooner than you think, enjoy your time flying solo, memories will follow, I promise!
    Cheryl Beckham

  9. Faux Flowers says:

    Hope you had a good time with the kids and you seem to be a very courageous mummy.. Nice pics.. Cheers. 😀

  10. Your mother deserves a trip. It will help her to relax 😆 Maybe next time you can join her.

  11. Lovely picture and it was a good experience

  12. Goacom says:

    Pic is normal. Nothing much lovely about it. Bigger glasses will obviously not show much. Surprisingly there are many who said nice pic, nice pic. Guess do follow comments are in vogue.

    We need to beat our chest and be honest.

  13. joyce ira says:

    it might be a normal pic or whatsoever. the important part here is that how other people appreciates not the beauty of the person but the message of what was written.

    i am thankful i managed to get away even for a couple of days…it helped me relax for a while which i definitely need if you have tough scheds between being a mom and an employee 🙂

  14. Will says:

    Been there done that.

  15. I hope to visit it soon.

  16. Lovely picture and it was a good experience for you as well.

  17. Well, everybody deserves a vacation, even if its shorter than expected(missing daddy and kids :lol:),
    just to unwind, relax, and maybe a little of reflection to oneself a bit,

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