Our cook – Boss Nick Back in PI

Boss Nick

My ever dearest dad – papa nick – “Boss Nick” has gone back to Manila (well, Cavite to be precise. I don’t know why we have to use “Manila” whenever we go back to PI)

He was here for a 21 day vacation and for 2 “missions” – 1) to escort my mom’s not-so-old cousin – Manang Lucre (She’ll be Aiken’s Nanny) and 2) Just to have fun with us here in PP and to assist us and welcome Aiken when the baby arrived. Apparently that’s what happened.

More than the fun and assistance we expected – he was also our cook of the month. We were indulged with various recipes and cuisines, local and foreign. Sinigang, Binagoongan,  Nilaga  and Leche Flan to name a few. One of which we can not forget is very similar to Calamari Fritti, inspired from a famous restaurants in San Diego – It’s a fried calamari with a very tasty spicy sauce. My dad’s been a good cook since his twenties i think. T’was my brother AJ who’s able  to get a piece of that cooking gene. Aj’s able to cook more “putahe” than me. I can cook 2! (any variants of adobo and the classic Lukban pork steak)

I would love to write more stuff about my dad’s stay (other than foods!) but you have to excuse me as i have to finish some task here in the office 🙂