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Finally our “One World, One Headshot.” campaign pics has been uploaded. Thanks to Niccolo for these amazing photos.

The One WORLD series came up as photographer, Niccolo Cosme, thought he needed something more profound than vanity for HSC; he realized that the primary root of all this project is the social network sites. These sites bind us, making the world much smaller than it is; they bridge gaps and infuse cultures, letting us co-create with everyone else. This then inspires the goal of the series: to convey the message of oneness, of unity, and peace; that whatever race we are from, whatever skin color we have, we all belong to the same world that we know of, thus having it as our common ground. We all belong there… it’s our cyber world.

The goal was not simple as it involved traveling in different countries in Southeast Asia. Its first leg took place in Saigon last May 9, 2008 where 30 plus participants had joined; Manila had the 2nd leg with 200 plus participants; the 3rd leg was in Macau with 50 participants; and Cambodia last June 7 with 50 plus.

The One WORLD series is set to run until August (Singapore, Malaysia, Bangkok, and Australia). An exhibition of all the headshots taken all over these countries is planned for September this year to commemorate the International Day for Peace.

A couple of my personal friends and important people’s headshots from the HSC Phnom Penh Leg.

Official HSC Phnom Penh Photo Gallery here and here.

A few from HSC Manila last May. Guess Who…

Watch Beijing Olympic Replay

If there is someone somewhere who is able to watch or download the Beijing Olympics 2008 Opening ceremony – PLEASE LET US KNOW! I’d be delighted to linkback to you.


Godspeed to Team Philippines btw 😉 😉 😉


“The servers being used in Beijing all feature: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 Processors; ASUS P5W DH Deluxe Motherboards; ATI HD2900XT Graphics Cards supplied by ASUS; Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 320GB Hard Drives; Highly customized Microsoft Windows XP Embedded O/S utilizing DirectX, DirectShow, and .NET 2.0 Framework,”

Our cook – Boss Nick Back in PI

Boss Nick

My ever dearest dad – papa nick – “Boss Nick” has gone back to Manila (well, Cavite to be precise. I don’t know why we have to use “Manila” whenever we go back to PI)

He was here for a 21 day vacation and for 2 “missions” – 1) to escort my mom’s not-so-old cousin – Manang Lucre (She’ll be Aiken’s Nanny) and 2) Just to have fun with us here in PP and to assist us and welcome Aiken when the baby arrived. Apparently that’s what happened.

More than the fun and assistance we expected – he was also our cook of the month. We were indulged with various recipes and cuisines, local and foreign. Sinigang, Binagoongan,  Nilaga  and Leche Flan to name a few. One of which we can not forget is very similar to Calamari Fritti, inspired from a famous restaurants in San Diego – It’s a fried calamari with a very tasty spicy sauce. My dad’s been a good cook since his twenties i think. T’was my brother AJ who’s able  to get a piece of that cooking gene. Aj’s able to cook more “putahe” than me. I can cook 2! (any variants of adobo and the classic Lukban pork steak)

I would love to write more stuff about my dad’s stay (other than foods!) but you have to excuse me as i have to finish some task here in the office 🙂