Your theme does not support customization

If you’re using the Freshy 2.0.6 theme + Customize Plugin + WordPress 2.6 then you’re stuck with the blank page when you click the “Freshy Theme Options” or you get the “Your theme does not support customization” when you click “Customize Theme“; Here’s a simple fix that you can use until an official patch/fix is provided by Jide himself: You need to edit a few lines on 3 php file.

File: functions.php
Location : Inside your Freshy2 theme folder
Line  473, Change

$path = ABSPATH.$theme_info->template_dir.’/’;


$path = ABSPATH.’wp-content’.$theme_info->template_dir.’/’;

File: nice_theme.php
Location: inside your Customize plugin folder
Line 24, Change

Change $this->path = ABSPATH.$this->theme_info->template_dir.’/’;


$this->path = ABSPATH.’wp-content’.$this->theme_info->template_dir.’/’;

You’d be surprise that with the 2 changes you did above, it’ll fix your WP 2.6 in no time! However, you’ll notice that the “add media” buttons is missing. To fix that problem :

File: nice_forms.php
Location: Inside your Customize plugin
Comment or remove line 92. It’s the line that has something to do with scriptaculous.js.

/* print ‘’; */

NOTE: if you will be copy/pasting the codes, i advise that you DOUBLE check the “single quotes” . In most cases the turns to ` for some weird reasons and it’ll cause the fix not to work. That’s all and have fun with your WP 2.6 and Freshy 2!

Credits to for initially posting the fix at page. I just made it more readable & easy to read 😉

37 Responses to Your theme does not support customization

  1. Markus says:

    Thanks fpr the fix, now i can update my wordpress

  2. rubick says:


    Thanks for your help 😉

  3. Ramides says:

    Thanks a lot !

    I got really lost without images and crushed my layout last night because of the bugs 🙁

  4. Chris says:

    Thanks a lot for the summary, i tried yesterday to uppdate to freshy2 without sucess, i give it another try on the weekend… hehe
    I like your Archive page, would you mind sharing your archive.php with me

  5. Chris says:

    never mind about the Archives, i found the plugin.
    By the way i think it is line 473 (474) which needs to be changed in the nice_forms.php

  6. fransoa says:

    thank you so much for advising us about the copy/paste trouble !

  7. Deyan says:

    doesent work for me. I edited the file with dreamweaver sucessufully but after I replaced them WordPress was not functional anymore. Can you share the edited files here?

  8. Deyan says:

    error i receve Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING in /home/a5640030/public_html/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/customize/nice_theme.php on line 26

  9. nestle poell says:

    hi deyan, be sure u copy pasted line 24 correctly. You might have pasted the code with invalid “single quote” character.

    it must be:
    $this->path = ABSPATH.'wp-content'.$this->theme_info->template_dir.'/';

  10. Sandy says:


    Is there a way to create a menu bar link to my site?

    Not the Blog but the site the blog is connected to?

  11. nestle poell says:

    hi sandy, what do u mean link… like a custom link on the menu bar? yup you can…
    Design -> Freshy Theme Options -> Custom menus

  12. sn says:

    hey its line 473 in the functions.php, not 437 😉

  13. Manu says:

    I try to apply your patch near the letter but it does not work. Here is the message appears: “Your theme does not support customization. Nevertheless, you can create a template css yourself to provide a form with customization options.”

  14. nestle poell says:

    hey sn, thanks for pointing that out… 😉 ive edited the post..

    indeed its line 473, not 437 of functions.php 😳

  15. Sandy says:

    Hola nestle poell ,


    When I do that my Link fails and I get a “404” page.

    Here’s what happens when I try to create a menu item link that leaves the blog to my website:

    Thank you so much!

    Is its possible to post an image or a down loadable .txt file of the needed code to make Freshy2 work with WordPress 2.6?

    I am not getting the needed Quotes correct.

    I Love Freshy!

  16. punkerdoo says:

    Thanks for the help. You da best!

  17. Manu says:

    If you want to download patch files:

  18. Sands says:

    Thanks Manu !

    Being able to download the files removes any possibility for incorrect use of quotes !

  19. redb says:

    $this->path = ABSPATH.’wp-content’.$this->theme_info->template_dir.’/’; is the good way


  20. redb says:

    Coud i create a link from myheader ?
    Or better a map in my header pictures ? (i would have a zone where i can redirect the user)

    Many thanks again

  21. John F. says:

    Thanks! That did the trick… and it also fixed a problem I was having with my widgets, where I couldn’t move them around to rearrange. So, a double bonus!

    Next question, though, and open to the group… suddenly I’m having a problem with the textbox widget. I can’t paste anything into it except very short lines, or it disappears completely. Falls out of the sidebar as if it were never there.

  22. I made all the changes recommended but it didn’t work…

  23. Broadband says:

    Thanks for the changes buddy. Will be helpful for me.!

  24. Deb says:

    Thank you so much for publishing this fix. I really appreciate your expertise. I sure was lost without it! 😆

  25. Thanks for sharing the fix and other WordPress information!

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  27. Kr5is says:

    Hmmmmm… I was very excited to see a fix, but unfortunately I doesn’t seem to work with Freshy 2.0.8; After applying the changes WP doesn’t work at all.

    Sigh…. I guess I have to wait for a fix still.

  28. Does it also works for upgrade 2.7 to 2.7.1?

  29. This is a great tip!
    Thankfully I found it on the net.

  30. Sen Hidalho says:

    Thanks for sharing the image. Without this i can never update my web press.

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