night shot, yours truly on d40

not only that im busy playing with my new found buddy “lucky” (yeah my new nikon d40 lolz), i was and i am still busy doing crazy stuff in the office – lots of productive changes happening in the design dept. not to forget the weird policy imposed by the admin (who? ellk :-X) Speaking of office stuff, i stumbled upon this very prolific person named Dennis C Carey. He’s some guy who i think should be sought after. Why? MCI, and American Standard, AT&T, NCR and Sprint – Does it ring a bell? Those are just a few company of which Dennis’ got involved working with. Don’t you wanna be working with them? I DO! well yeah, it’s me lifelong wish to work in a very huge company such as those stated. well to add more, companies like google, yahoo, microsoft, etc.

So much for that, let’s all keep working and keep dreaming that someday with or without luck – we’ll hit that lucky pot!

A-L-S-O . . .

Cheers to our 10th-month mensiversery/anniversary whatsoeversary 😛 love you mommy joyce 😉 ilang tulog na lang !

11 Responses to Lucky

  1. ramsey says:

    nice! naks naman posh na posh!

  2. nestle poell says:

    posh daw.. ano sa tagalog un aber :mrgreen:

  3. nestle poell says:


    sa spice girls crush ko un date si posh spice

  4. jhamez says:

    nice ganda ng new cam mo pong.. kakaingit 😈 :mrgreen:

  5. jsonv says:

    aufs aufs! adik nga yan si pong weh! har har har

  6. nestle poell says:

    thanks jamez… uu kamo the best wala pa nga lang akong magandang lens…

    kay nico panget d50 :))

  7. Great blog, subscribed to your rss feed. Thanks.

  8. VLADIMER says:


  9. hong kong pot…

    ) Some individuals or companies have abused the TrackBack feature to insert spam links on some blogs (see sping). This enables authors…

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