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Kyle Aiken’s First Week

Kyle Aiken Yarza Lagaya

Little that everyone know, It’s exactly a week that im celebrating as a proud father to my first daughter – Kyle Aiken. T’was July 23, 3:20PM when my partner gave birth to a lovely 6.8 lbs, 41cm baby girl. It’s the first time, ever, that i felt bliss as good as this.

I would have blogged about this the very moment i got online, like few days ago –  but i wasnt able to. Id be honest, i got lost, positively lost. Out-of-focus for almost anything except for Joyce and the baby.I am excitedly-preoccupied with these two person whom radically changed my life. And still – changing my world.

And now without further ado, friends, relatives, bloggers, ladies and gentlemen -my daughter : Kyle Aiken

Your theme does not support customization

If you’re using the Freshy 2.0.6 theme + Customize Plugin + WordPress 2.6 then you’re stuck with the blank page when you click the “Freshy Theme Options” or you get the “Your theme does not support customization” when you click “Customize Theme“; Here’s a simple fix that you can use until an official patch/fix is provided by Jide himself: You need to edit a few lines on 3 php file.

File: functions.php
Location : Inside your Freshy2 theme folder
Line  473, Change

$path = ABSPATH.$theme_info->template_dir.’/’;


$path = ABSPATH.’wp-content’.$theme_info->template_dir.’/’;

File: nice_theme.php
Location: inside your Customize plugin folder
Line 24, Change

Change $this->path = ABSPATH.$this->theme_info->template_dir.’/’;


$this->path = ABSPATH.’wp-content’.$this->theme_info->template_dir.’/’;

You’d be surprise that with the 2 changes you did above, it’ll fix your WP 2.6 in no time! However, you’ll notice that the “add media” buttons is missing. To fix that problem :

File: nice_forms.php
Location: Inside your Customize plugin
Comment or remove line 92. It’s the line that has something to do with scriptaculous.js.

/* print ‘’; */

NOTE: if you will be copy/pasting the codes, i advise that you DOUBLE check the “single quotes” . In most cases the turns to ` for some weird reasons and it’ll cause the fix not to work. That’s all and have fun with your WP 2.6 and Freshy 2!

Credits to for initially posting the fix at page. I just made it more readable & easy to read 😉


night shot, yours truly on d40

not only that im busy playing with my new found buddy “lucky” (yeah my new nikon d40 lolz), i was and i am still busy doing crazy stuff in the office – lots of productive changes happening in the design dept. not to forget the weird policy imposed by the admin (who? ellk :-X) Speaking of office stuff, i stumbled upon this very prolific person named Dennis C Carey. He’s some guy who i think should be sought after. Why? MCI, and American Standard, AT&T, NCR and Sprint – Does it ring a bell? Those are just a few company of which Dennis’ got involved working with. Don’t you wanna be working with them? I DO! well yeah, it’s me lifelong wish to work in a very huge company such as those stated. well to add more, companies like google, yahoo, microsoft, etc.

So much for that, let’s all keep working and keep dreaming that someday with or without luck – we’ll hit that lucky pot!

A-L-S-O . . .

Cheers to our 10th-month mensiversery/anniversary whatsoeversary 😛 love you mommy joyce 😉 ilang tulog na lang !