Ally, My HP 520 Notebook

I just bought a 5-month old laptop i found at (which as of the posting is DOWN and unavailable). It’s a very popular portal here in Cambodia with packed information about the country. Jobs, Classifieds, Maps, Restaurants, Tourist Guide, Places To Stay. etc. Anyway, it’s been a week that I’m bongthom’ing the “classified” page for nothing. Jobs, IT/Computer and General are my favorite. Until last night, there’s this “Hewlett Packard Laptop for sale $300” posting which i contacted immediately as i’ve thought is a best buy. Luckily and coincidently he’s Filipino, Born Again Christian – and living in Cavite as well (Dasmarinas that is). Small world huh? πŸ™‚ Thanks toΒ  Mr. Jun G. , I again have my own laptop to play and mess around with.

Ally, My HP 520 Notebook

It’s an HP 520 Notebook. I named it Ally, Maggie’s sister. Yes, i named my PSP Slim Maggie :P. MAGGIE , ALLY – Does it ring a bell ? haha… I got the name from my current company Mag Alliance.

It may not be a power-pc on the go like those 1k$ worth laptop we’ve been drooling for, but this one’s not bad for a base laptop to upgrade. Productivity-wise, it will sure help me a lot πŸ˜‰

If there’s something i did not do that i should have done before is this – BLOGGING about IT! (Yeah, the laptop).

You never know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone. When i lost bench (that’s my 2-week old Acer laptop which was stolen 45 minutes after i arrived Ho Chi Minh late July last year) only then than i realized its presence. Not that i take her for granted, but it was only that instance that i realized that i could have spent more time with it, and not just USING it. It may sound weird but yes, I kinda exploited Bench that time. When i was still in Cavite, almost EVERY little thing I buy, received, eat, picked, etc. I BLOGGED about it. Key chain, post card, gift wrapper, anything. But with Bench, that ACER thing – she received NONE. No photo nor a blog entry.

There you have it, my short and sweet welcome to Ally. It may not keep this laptop 100% safe from those crooked burglars, but with prayers and this post – it could at least give a good omen πŸ˜€