Send your name to the MOON

NASA invites people of all ages to join the lunar exploration journey with an opportunity to send their names to the moon aboard the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, or LRO, spacecraft.

“Everyone who sends their name to the moon, like I’m doing, becomes part of the next wave of lunar explorers,”

I just sent my name to the moon… Have you ?

I think they’re raffling off the certificate number by 2020… haha WE WISH!

Send yours here

7 Responses to Send your name to the MOON

  1. Dean says:

    Uhm your link to the website has an extra http// in it. You might want to remove that.ü

  2. nestle poell says:

    thanks for the correction dean… url corrected!

  3. […] it is without a doubt that Arlo Gilbert is joining the NASA’s invitation “Send Your Name to the Moon” Project upon learning this too-good-to-be-true […]

  4. ronron says:

    Nepo…does your company there in Cambodia have job vacancy?can i fit in,.,?

    Thanks man..

  5. poell says:


    currently we dont have an opening 😐 but u can send me your updated resume at my email…

  6. NASA Send Your Name to Moon…

    Do you ever think of plan a trip to moon? You have to pay billions of dollar to make such kind of space trip! Wow, this is ridiculous. But now, we could send our name to the Moon. Free!
    Who Send Your Name to the Moon?
    According to NASA, this is call…

  7. I should send my daughters name to the moon.

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