goes PR5

My PR is bigger than yours

You’re not on drugs. you’re not on alcohol either.

But you’re reading it right, this blog goes PR5 – and personally damn proud and happy about it. It’s a miracle come true, all this time i thought that It would be stuck with PR4 (or below).

Anyway it’s there, maybe an early birthday gift perhaps? I just hope it last long 😉

(My congratulations to the other PR gainers/non-movers on this recent Google PR update.)

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  3. Nurhayani says:

    congratezz…. Only the hard worker Got the best result. Pr5 is not easy man…. Go Go GO PR6 bro…

  4. nestle poell says:

    thank you Nurhayani,

    i assume that “frequency” is not a big factor with the PR since i seldom post. CONTENT RELEVANCE play a big role i believe.

  5. ilya says:

    heh, my pr=1 😕

  6. Linksy says:

    my pr=1 hhh 😥 😥

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