PSP All Star Janken Cheat/Password

Apr 29

Mind you guys that this is is a bit SPOILER, well yeah, sort off.

Ramsey and I were discussing a few PSP games last weekend – and this time about some weird game we found over the net. All Star Janken. Don’t worry, This wont be a review blog entry. Ill let the screen shots speak for itself

If the photos didn’t speak for you, well, nine stunning idols to battle with
in games of janken – or paper, scissors, stone. Successfully beating the idols
brings up revealing revelations of the ladies. Set in the sun and full of
vibrant colours and bubbly idols.

Win 5 round and you’re on for a treat…Unlike other games, You need not to be expert and smart on this one though 😉

oh and for the cheat/password of the game?




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