Ira Eigenmann scandal turns phenomena

NO NUDE PHOTOS of Ira Eigenmann HERE! (just to make it clear in the first place)
But for the time being only, i guess.

Everyone’s asking. Everybody’s writing, blogging, posting and story telling it.

What do we have here now — my thoughts.

Yes, just a few statement on what i believe is true with the best of my ability. Oh wait, th pictures/photos you’re asking?!? again not here but here: or
and a lot more over the big G.

Just key in her name with all the variants (or wrong spellings) – ira iegenman, ira eigenman, ira eigennmann, et cetera, you’ll head on to her stories and pictures. You can even try to be creative! add up the word “scandal”, “sushi photos” and you’ll be surprised!

Analysis / Evidence:
Pictures are worth a thousand words. I’d be honest with you that at first, i did not read any articles/write-ups of these incident. I went on with the nude photos directly.

There’s like 2 or 3 WHOLESOME photo with Ira and a girl friend.
then there’s the rest of the nude photos of ira

whats common ? A LOT! the color swatches, the spot colors, the resemblance, the wallpaper, the decor. Simply put: the LOCATION.

Anyway, see for yourself. You don’t even need to be a photoshop expert with this one. What you need is a few pinch of common sense and a lot of understanding.

Violent reaction:
Not on Ira’s mom statement about how goody goody her daughter is; not with ira’s brother’s statement.

but with who ? with the girl that i saw in the news at TFC with a nicey nicey apple mac that quoted on WORLDWIDE TV that the photos were of fake and were seamlessly made with a design software.

Where is she from? Is she still working as of the moment? How much money she makes? Is she paid by the eigenmann’s? (lol cheer leader?). SHE’s the one who’se fake! I dare to challenge that girl against my a few years experience with photography, pixels, rasters and vectors.

The news could have been more credible if at least 5 random analysts/photographer/designer was quoted. And not just one crappy representative.

It’s real. Ira’s photos are real. Any cover-up’s is plain – BULLSH*T.


Celebrities == Role Models.

Be it the bulilits, the dancers, the housemates, the image models, the teleserye king and queens, anybody under the showbiz curtain. People admire you, people imitate you, people idolizes you…

For Christ sake do things for real and right 😐