Cambodia’s First Home & Lifestyle Expo 2008

“Come and join the Home and Lifestyle Expo on April 4, 5 and 6 at Phnom Penh Cultural Center (Chenla Theatre).

Various stylish home furnishings will be on display in more than 70 booths, real estate investors, construction companies, mini-concert, and a lot more exciting activities!

The Expo is open to public from 10 A.M till 8 P.M. The show will be hosted by Danny and Sativit. See you there!”

That’s the 2nd event Joyce had been busy organizing for the last quarter, the 1st was the G21 Magazine Science and Technology Expo that happened earlier this month. Well, that answers why our blogs’ takes some time for an update. we’ve been very busy for real.

anyway the 30 seconder ad is my first adobe premier project 😛

3 Responses to Cambodia’s First Home & Lifestyle Expo 2008

  1. Bactamtam would like to congratulate you for organising the Home and Lifestyle Expo in Phnom Penh !
    Bactamtam is seeking a bright correspondant in order to create a real estate search engine that allow investors & expatriates to have a perfect approach on the local properties, offices, industrial zones, resorts opportunities. Bactamtam could be considered also as a kind of
    “On line Expo”. May I invite you to contact us in order to study how we could implement in cambodia.

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  3. That was an amazing event to inaugurate such expo shows, our expo is coming a bit late but will be very exciting. I m looking forward to have a great and crowded event as well, if you guys pass by that time then don’t forget to enjoy the biggest and most awaited event of the years in Dubai.

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