Blogparteeh 2008

It happened last year, January 27 to be exact.

Yeah, i understand there has been tons of blogger events thats been happening almost every month, taste asia, summit’s, blog awards – but BLOGPARTEEH08, will it ever happen – again?



WILL the the iPod Video prize last year will be replaced by iPod Touch or iPhone itself? Will the Belkin Cushtop be replace by a real laptop? Will there be a dozen-dozen more of Krispy Kreme?

Cant wait…

3 Responses to Blogparteeh 2008

  1. Soli says:

    Blogparteeh 2008? Yeah right. Questions, more questions, and even more questions begging for an answer.

  2. Didi says:

    I’ll be there, as long as I can win a Iphone 😉 There are all sold out over here…

  3. What exactly is it? I guess I missed out on this one.

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