Of rose(s), dates and cakes this Valentine

I officially received my very very very first Valentine rose. Yeah, t’was me who received a lovely long-stemmed rose from who else, JOYCE!

Sounds silly but yeah, i was out of my senses when i found the “sweetest thing” (for the day) at my desk. Who wouldn’t! It’s us whose suppose to give flowers and not the one whose suppose to receive them. If you ever had the feeling or being in the state of “panic”, well thats how i felt.

I would have given her a dozen-dozens of fresh 2-feet-long-stemmed roses like what ramsey use to do to his girlalets during those flowerfarm.com days, but i didn’t.

I immediately went out with Phally, one of our sales and marketing executive. We were suppose to buy chocolates but the shop is 20 mins. drive away, so i have to get something not that far. I ended up buying Joyce the town’s best cake from Hotel Cambodiana, 5 mins. drive away from the office 😛 (big tnx to veronica for the discount)

We had our date yesterday the 13th and not today.  Simply to avoid the Valentine rush. The towns’ gone wild and crowded like crazy!

It was “La Korea” where we ate at. A memorable samgyupsal joyce ei? 😛

Unlike last year – where we were just friends… we were out strolling in mall of asia unconsciously dating each other where we watched a movie, had food trips, and yes, we were walking on a red carpet last year — while playing around with the other couples on a candle light dinner at the esplanade. (T’was the best Valentine day to date)

Spread love everyone, Happy Valentines day =) Love u Jivy, Love you baby, Love you all!

7 Responses to Of rose(s), dates and cakes this Valentine

  1. joyce ira says:

    i am thrilled to read that you liked the rose that i gave you. i thought it would be cute if i will be the one to give something to you and i never exepect to receive something in return 🙂

    The cake that I had from you was very very nice (should be because it’s damn expensive).

    I hope we’ll have more valentines to celebrate and more memories to share. I love you Sweet!

  2. chele says:

    naunahan ka dw ni ate magbgay ng gift eh..

  3. g00db0y says:

    You two really made a nice couple. Husband and wife sharing thoughts and feeling through the internet. Congrats and lets your valentine feeling lasts forever.

  4. Soli says:

    So you really had a nice time? It would have been nicer if you’d spread the love to this end. 😎

  5. Sophie says:


    It’s so magical to receive flowers from your boyfriend. Flowers express perfectly your feelings. 🙂
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    Just have a look and sure flowers are just amasing.
    I received at the office a really nice bouquet of flowers from my boyfriend and he makes me happy for all the day!

  6. flower gifts says:

    Receiving your first Valentine rose is definitely one of the most memorable experiences that you will remember for the rest of your life. I was in high school when I received my first Valentine rose, and it was the happiest day that I ever had.

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