American Idol Renaldo Lapuz – “I am your brother”

“He is Filipino and with that…I am proud to be Pinoy! You’re my brother, my bestfriend forever! YOU ROCK MY BROTHER!” – Pinoydogs

“Renaldo, we are proud of you! Your song could be a theme song for world peace and brotherhood! Only Pinoys can show such sincerity and affection. Go Pinoy!” – bodem5

“I wouldn’t say it’s something representing your race — it’s a guy who is obviously deprived of social interaction and who is begging for attention. I hate that they give so much time to people like THIS on the show instead of the real talent.”
– Quietform

Just a few comments over that youtube page. Yeah, yeah yeah, you can’t please everybody. But for me, he rocks! He sure knows how to entertain!

More power kabayan!