American Idol Renaldo Lapuz – “I am your brother”

“He is Filipino and with that…I am proud to be Pinoy! You’re my brother, my bestfriend forever! YOU ROCK MY BROTHER!” – Pinoydogs

“Renaldo, we are proud of you! Your song could be a theme song for world peace and brotherhood! Only Pinoys can show such sincerity and affection. Go Pinoy!” – bodem5

“I wouldn’t say it’s something representing your race — it’s a guy who is obviously deprived of social interaction and who is begging for attention. I hate that they give so much time to people like THIS on the show instead of the real talent.”
– Quietform

Just a few comments over that youtube page. Yeah, yeah yeah, you can’t please everybody. But for me, he rocks! He sure knows how to entertain!

More power kabayan!

4 Responses to American Idol Renaldo Lapuz – “I am your brother”

  1. Soli says:

    American Idol? Not for me. I don’t really dig all this reality stuffs that much. 😳

  2. Thomas says:

    What Quietform said- exactly.The guy obviously isn’t normal. He obviously hasn’t had much (if any) social interaction growing up and he feels a need to make a big show to get attention from people.

    I’m sorry, let me put it in a kinder way I hope that people will understand:

    He looks like a pimp. It’s my guess that people like him even more for this because he’s so ignorant that he doesn’t know any better. It’s not because he doesn’t care what’s on the outside or anything.

    Think about it- if a person walked down the street dressed like that, you would think negative thoughts toward them. Maybe you’d think they were a pimp.

    But because he’s ignorant, people love him for it. BTW, he’s not “the nicest person” like I’ve heard some people call him. He’s just a stupid person which makes him seem nicer. There are plenty of people just as nice and nicer than him, but they aren’t as ignorant as him. They’re more normal, so they don’t seem as nice.

    Lastly, IT”S A SINGING COMPETITION. Why do the producers of American Idol insist on making it into an entertaining showcase of god-awful horrible singers mixed with a couple of good singers?

    I’m not making fun of filipinos. Most I’m sure are very nice and perfectly normal.

    He’s not. He’s a lonely wierd kid who craves attention which is the resultant of a lack of friends/attention growing up.

    Let’s face it- there’s

  3. shaw says:

    Nice to see this pinoy boy do good. You guys ready for this season?

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