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Dela Hoya – Pacquiao FREE Live Streaming

Another must-see bout ouf our very own Manny Pacquiao against golden boy Oscar Dela Hoya.

Watch it live over Direction’s here.

And here are the channels: (credits to onin)

1) sop://
2) sop://

home alone w/ the kids

well not really home alone as nina and nico and manang lucre’s still here. its just that mommy joyce is out!

mommy left yesterday for a 2-DAY-2-NIGHT business trip to KL. Yeah MALAYSIA!

ive been drooling to see the Petronas Tower and to walk on Limkokwing Cyberjaya’s Campus. BUT SHE GOT there first! Waaaaah! i do envy mommy jivy.

Anyway aiken’s up & i got to take her to shower…

(enjoy mommy’s candid pic 10mins before we reach the airport yesterday :P)

BarCamp Cambodia (Phnom Penh)

BarCamp Cambodia

BarCamp Cambodia

When i left manila for Ho Chi Minh last year, i thought that id have to wait for another 3-4 years (or a lucky vacation) before I – again join an offline gathering of online network such as Manila’s Blog Parteeh, Blog Awards, Taste Asia, Blog Summits, etc.

LUCKILY & surprisingly – such events exists in a heritage rich country such as Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Tomorrow – September 20, 2008, hundreds of enthusiasts from all walks of life with different culture will meet in one huge event dubbed BarCamp Phnom Penh.

Wikingly speaking:

BarCamp, an innovative “impromptu” gathering that began in 2005 in Palo Alto, California, helps “open source” enthusiasts share information about technology in an informal setting. The idea quickly spread from California to the rest of the world, arriving in Bangkok in January 2008 and now in Phnom Penh. It’s an ad-hoc gathering born from the desire for people to share and learn in an open environment. It is an intense event with discussions, demos and interaction from participants.

Jayson, Udom and I will attend the said event. At some point, to represent our company – Mag-Alliance, Publisher of Cambodia’s Funkiest Magazine G21.

Jayson Vega, Me & Udom

Till then, see you guys tomorrow!

Excess: You’d be surprise that its only now, as of my blogging, that ive learned that we had our own BarCamp in Manila last August 21 🙂

1 Year Down, Forever More To Go!

Pong & Jivy Anniversary!

It is with utmost pride and excitement that i greet my soon-to-be wife (yeah, take time nestle, take time!) slash sexy mom of my daughter kyle aiken slash my loving best friend girlfriend JOYCE a happy happy happy anniversary! Yup, today 9/9 marks a year of our telenovela-like relationship 😛 Imagine Maging Sino Ka Man, My Girl, Sana Maulit Muli put to one show hehe…

We’ve been going out a lot these few days – casino launch at a new hotel, choco buffet, wine and cheese at hotel intercontinental so yeah – no fancy date today the 9th 😛

Gift? I LOVE IT. She’s not that sentimental-whateverness when it comes to gift. Tell her what you want and she’ll get it for you – upfront! She gave me this battery grip that ive been drooling over for my d40. Ain’ t that sweet?

Anyway im cutting the drama short, i still have that “forever” to blog about it… so till then, cheers everyone!

happy anniversary joyce! love yah! for for

Finally our “One World, One Headshot.” campaign pics has been uploaded. Thanks to Niccolo for these amazing photos.

The One WORLD series came up as photographer, Niccolo Cosme, thought he needed something more profound than vanity for HSC; he realized that the primary root of all this project is the social network sites. These sites bind us, making the world much smaller than it is; they bridge gaps and infuse cultures, letting us co-create with everyone else. This then inspires the goal of the series: to convey the message of oneness, of unity, and peace; that whatever race we are from, whatever skin color we have, we all belong to the same world that we know of, thus having it as our common ground. We all belong there… it’s our cyber world.

The goal was not simple as it involved traveling in different countries in Southeast Asia. Its first leg took place in Saigon last May 9, 2008 where 30 plus participants had joined; Manila had the 2nd leg with 200 plus participants; the 3rd leg was in Macau with 50 participants; and Cambodia last June 7 with 50 plus.

The One WORLD series is set to run until August (Singapore, Malaysia, Bangkok, and Australia). An exhibition of all the headshots taken all over these countries is planned for September this year to commemorate the International Day for Peace.

A couple of my personal friends and important people’s headshots from the HSC Phnom Penh Leg.

Official HSC Phnom Penh Photo Gallery here and here.

A few from HSC Manila last May. Guess Who…