World Pyro Olympics 2008

Is it happening?


Googling it over will give u a slightly confusing sponsorship page from the official site It says:

Sponsorship for the 2nd World Pyro Olympics

La Mancha Pyro Productions, Inc. is now accepting Expressions of Interest for Sponsorship for the World Pyro Olympics 2008.

Why does it say “2nd” wherein it’s suppose to be 3rd.

Anyway, this is by far the most “crowded” event i have attended for the past 2 years. Why wouldn’t it be – its a 5-night, 10 countries battling for the prestigious World Pyro Olympic title.

And sad to say, this is one event ill be missing when it happens. (Actually MOA’s weekend firework is something im actually missing now that im working abroad) It makes me homesick, dunno why.

Here’s one of the most viewed youtube video i have : the last 9 minutes of Philippines’ Fireworks Exhibition