Hotel Cambodiana sponsors Baby Vox

Baby Vox in Cambodiana Hotel Phnom Penh
Baby Vox in Cambodiana Hotel Phnom Penh Baby Vox in Cambodiana Hotel Phnom Penh
Jojo and Poell outside Hotel Cambodiana

Baby Vox live in Hotel Cambodiana, Phnom Penh Cambodia – December 13, 2007
Press Conference Photos by Jojo during the morning. I did some practice-shooting during the invitational concert that happened the same night.

Few photos at my flickr, will upload them all if some good soul gives me flickr pro 😉


10 Responses to Hotel Cambodiana sponsors Baby Vox

  1. Altace says:

    The girls look very pretty! 😳
    Get your chance to talk to them?

  2. nestle poell says:

    Damn Pretty Altace…

    I was not around during the press conference though. T’was my fiancee that got the chance to ask questions to them. She also had a short chat with the manager and with these glamorous ladies…

  3. War Gold says:

    Damn, I need to move to Cambodia!

  4. Soli says:

    Uhm…Uhm..Who are those girls? Looks like Cambodia is where the action is at. 😆

  5. warhammer says:

    I can’t believe they’re cambodian lol

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  8. Agan says:

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