Glorietta Bombing 2007 (was an LPG Explosion?)

It was just minutes ago that i was informed by my friend Ramsey that there was an explosion at Glorietta shopping mall. G4 as we call it often (1 of the 4 quadrants g1-g2-g3-g4) is one of my frequently visited mall when i was still in Philippines. (On top of my personal list is Mall of Asia where i use to window shop once or twice a week or just watch fireworks every weekends.

If you have any friends, relatives and colleagues working in the area – do text them and confirm if they are safe. Makati as we all now is a haven for corporate and business centers.

My sincere sympathy and condolences to the the family of those who perished and were injured of this tragedy.

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Photo's From INQ
Photo's From INQ

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7 Responses to Glorietta Bombing 2007 (was an LPG Explosion?)

  1. ikugan says:

    You can thank the military and its puppet administration for the loss of innocent life. They set the bomb off to cover the current scandals circling Gloria. The bribery? The broadband scam? Remember those things folks?

    The administration and its allies set off the bomb and claim terrorism. They can then give Gloria emergency powers which she’ll use to have the military arrest anyone that spoke out against her and exposed their bribery scheme to the public. They’re also did this to avoid having to explain to their soldiers why the soldiers’ p150 combat pay hasn’t been paid after all these years while these rich generals accept p100,000 bribes from malacanang.

    How can you trust a government that KILLS the very people its supposed to protect? How can you allow it to continue? Who else will they sacrifice next to maintain their corrupt grip on the populace? You? Your relatives? Your friends? Your children? Who’s next?

  2. rexxx says:

    let us not blaim the government all the time. wala na tayong ginawa kung di manira ng mga pinuno natin. instead of doing something to help our country, we waste our time by looking at someones fault. kahit sino malagay sa presidente, parating meron tayong nasasabi. tamana yan. puro nalang tayo paninira. alam nyo ba na sa tuwing naninira tayo ng pangulo, sinisira nyo din ang bansa natin, at nilalabag natin ng sabi ng Dyos. Respect the authority!!!!!!
    maawa naman kyo sa bansa natin!!!

  3. yham says:

    instead of blaming our government, do something which is helpful naman.
    pgma really trying her best just to raise our economy. about the issue, c’mon! LPG explosion? show some evidence that are reasonable. workers in glorietta are not ignorant, they are very concern w/ their contumers and shoppers! how come they don’t carefully check their materials and equipments. don’t talk too much. 🙄

  4. vladimir says:

    occurence of rampant crimes in countries like saudi arabia is very rare unlike in the philippines where everyday is a shocking day as people would feast on daily news of heinious crimes, the breakfast would rather be a rape case or hold-up for lunch or strike of welgistas on late afternoon might be good for meryenda. then comes supper of scams or a drink of roman catholic sex scandal. i am a filipino but i am ashamed of my fellowmen’s wrong doings.
    it’s no longer the government now but the people. people are so selfish and would throw faults on each other. the society has become chaotic. people want peace but they themselves can not follow rules of order. a place where abuse of democracy is where we are now. buti na rin pala ang system of governance ng saudi. walang kalayaang mag pahayag ng anumang laban sa namumuno kaya mas maunlad at maayos ang bansang
    walang kalayaan.mamili ka kaibigan sa bansang malayang naghihirap o sa bannsang walang kalayaan pero maalwan ang buhay.magulo talaga ang buhay mamimili ka lang.

  5. ligtasan says:

    @Rexx: learn to type/spell and learn better english. You embarrass the rest of us. You sound like you were educated in the US instead of the Phil. Why should we respect authority that was stolen and then used to kill innocents to cover the crimes of the guilty?

    @yham: I would respond to your post pero hindi ko maintindihan. Learn to type or learn to speak better english. If gma wants to really raise the economy she should tell her husband to stop going to Las Vegas with taxpayers’ money.

    Democracy is dead in the Philippines. Corruption is commonplace and the pigs that run the country don’t care who knows about it. There are no elections here but rather rather auctions in the form of vote-buying. I agree with ikugan when he says that it’s the govt responsible. If you want the country to improve you have to get rid of the things that are holding it back: the corrupt that are in power. So we blame them to show them that we aren’t stupid and we don’t believe all their lies.

    I agree with Vladimir when he says society here has become chaotic. How we can we ever be a greater nation when nobody can follow even the simplest rules? I’m embarrassed to be Filipino. When we leave the country we are the houseboys or the slave labor to countries that are considered second-class by the rest of the world. When our women work as maids in Saudi they get raped and our govt. does NOTHING. We are a joke to the world and our idiotic leaders and artistas who think they’re better than anyone are the punchline.

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  7. Soli says:

    Gory and sad pictures. 😯 👿

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