Joomla & SEO Cambodia (Search Engine Optimization)

I was out this afternoon for a late lunch with Jivy and Melissa Dacles. Ate some filipino dishes at ‘Helen’s Tambayan’, Tortang Talong, Dinuguan, Lechong Kawali & Chicken Inasal. And with Beef (w/beans) Taco & Halo Halo on the side. All for $8.10.

Minutes before we left, Melissa introduced me to a kabayan named Nepthalie Vargas who she uttered ‘speaks the same language’ as i do as Mr. Nep is also an IT guy. It was Joomla he asked first and I said its one of my selling point as ive been using and customizing it since its Mambo days. He gave me a high-5, perhaps a gesture of “now we’re talking”. Topics were php, projects, jobs, experiences & portfolio to name a few. Not to forget SEO btw 🙂 Isn’t it obvious that im trying my hand to boost some Khmer/Cambodian keyword on my blog title? I hope to sit next to’s SERP. SEO Cambodia offer Organic Search Engine Optimization, Transparent Search Engine Marketing & Affordable Internet Promotion Service.

That’s all for now…

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  1. Found your blog on Google and have enjoyed reading your posts. Nice work!

  2. I heard that Joomla is very easy to use, even for beginners. A friend of mine highly recommended this even for blogs instead of WordPress.

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